[Video] Cars and Cameras on Youtube - Why You NEED to Buy a Cheap Old Go Kart!

So it’s not “racing” as most of us are accustomed to… but to me, this is as much about the spirit of enjoying karting as anything.

Ideally a racetrack would be a better place for it, but anytime someone buys a kart and plays with it I think that’s a win for the karting ecosystem.

Reviving this because it brings up a question.

When I was a kid, my pal made a yard kart. We eventually took it in the paths behind school until his dad got wind of that. After that, we never rode it again, for lack of places to drive.

Where exactly does one “casually” kart on an older machine that isn’t race ready? If you have a large property, I can imagine a backyard dirt track or the like. But for suburban dwellers, different story. I assume that the actual tracks would not want a yard kart getting in the way and falling over each turn.

Was there ever a time when karts were common “toys”?


I run mine up and down the hill I’m on (residential street) a few times to test basic things. With the 2-stroke during the mid-day due to the noise, with electric early weekend mornings would not be a problem, and yes would be safer (I’m the one taking the risk). The neighborhood kids (mostly on electric boards and things) think its cool.

For more extensive stuff I’d haul it over to our nearby big church lot. More room to try things flat out with nothing much to hit during the week. No need to drive 1.5 hours one way to an actual track for that.

I’m sure I’ll get flamed for this… LOL

My kart is stored at the teams warehouse, so I have no personal experience, but I agree parking lots are the best. I know several large pretty much abandoned parking lots within 25 minutes of me

I’ve seen them at my local track during the week. Some interesting conversations ha.