Video production question

Hey all. I have always struggled with having my vids on YouTube look “good”. More often than not, despite being recorded in high definition, the uploaded video looks like crap.

Take for example the last race:

The video is high def and looks fine prior to upload but once uploaded it becomes a blocky mess, full of compression artifacts.

The raw video footage, untouched by race render and uploaded to YouTube looks much better, but I kind of want the gauges for the races. Here’s an example of what it looks like clean:

Anyone know what I might be doing wrong that makes the videos look so compressed and lousy?

Do you encode the videos prior uploading them ?

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the second video is uploaded as 1440p whereas the first one is 1080p. Youtube compresses HD files down quite a lot.

Maybe try exporting your video with 1440p settings as the raw file or as 4k. Youtube doesn’t compress 4k and 1440p videos so much so that’s what you do if you’re concerned about compression effecting the quality of the video.

Settings, settings, settings… These videos really helped with my GoPro settings and video editing. Really helped bump up the quality of my videos. Better initial quality seems to result in better output once Youtube does it compression thing. Pretty simple and to the point videos. I don’t do as much post processing as this guy goes over, but knowledge is power.

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Well the top one was assembled in race render and then output at 1080 (shot at 1080 cos enduro).

The bottom one was shot 1440 and uploaded directly to YouTube without a stop in Race Render.

It seems when you put it in racerender and edit it, it makes the ultimate video file size MUCH smaller.

The finished product looks good though, but when you upload it to YouTube it ends up getting all ugly.

Thanks Alan, I’ll try that. Assemble in RR and then output 4k. Then processing time will be big and the files larger but I will try and see.

Thanks Clayton, I will watch these on train home.

Keep us updated I have the same issue. Looks great on every platform until fully processed onto YouTube.

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I’ll try re-processing that 1080 one as 4k and see what gives.

I recommend giving Da Vinci Resolve a shot for video editing (it’s free!). Can look daunting at first, but since you’re probably not going to be doing a bunch of editing you don’t need to be a master. Gives you lots of export options and has settings specifically made for Youtube that seems to help.


So the 1080 footage rendered at 4k looks like this:

Much better!

Agreed! I think any compression while exporting or whatever Youtube does is always going to blend/smooth out the asphalt. Always drives me crazy. Hopefully at the higher resolutions some of that will go away for you.

I guess I should just shoot 2.7k and export to 4k.1080 was an attempt it at getting the hero 7 to go a full hour but even then it only managed 38 mins.

The lossy compression is what makes the asphalt look like that I think, but it’s definitely better at 4k.

Bit depth is apparently important but I just go with the defaults, not knowing what’s ideal.

I record in 2k at 30fps. No need for 60fps. No noticeable difference in quality and I’m not doing slow-mo.

Yeah I am gonna try 30 fps next to see.