[Video] SKUSA Confirms SuperNationals 24 Cancelation in Las Vegas

In case you missed it. Superkarts USA has cancelled this year’s Supernats at the rio for a series of reasons… Including the threat of jailtime for organizers\staff and the fact that the Rio itself has been closed since march 2020 with no opening date planned at this time…

In contrast… Rok Cup USA’s “Rok the Rio” event looks like it’s still planned for the same location.

Unfortunate but inevitable. Will be interesting to see what big races come up here at the end of the year after USPKS GoPro in October.


At our Texas Sprint Race Series finale this weekend, they announced this as well. However, they did say that the SuperNats will still take place this year, just not in Vegas. They didn’t tell us where, just that those winning entries would get to use them this year. Looking forward to hear next week where it is moved to.

And I also find it interesting that Rok the Rio is still planned, while SuperNats is cancelled.

But that’s also the nature of the entire country right now. :wink:

There’s an added element here though. The Rio has been closed since March with no plan to reopen.