VLR Kart Handling Improvements

VLR Emerald with 206 engine senior class weight
Is there anyone that knows these karts that can help me get the Kart to handle better I hav left it stock not tried to much
What I’ve tried so far

What is the kart doing?

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To add to what TJ said…

We need more information to help you out.

What is the kart doing, or not?
Where on the track/what kinds of turns is that happening?

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kart does not come on quick after 3-4 laps when tires heat up kart handels better on qualififingi dont qualitify well because bridgestones are cold when i take the front torsion bar out kart wont handel well in turns with bridgestones kart handels great with vegas reds with front bar out brake disk is solid which hurts i think vented would b better really iam not to happy with the vlr maybe i have not found the sweet spot inththe kart track i race on is G&J kart way in Camden ,ohio Track is not wide open like New Castle

You should talk to Mike Smith from Calspeed. They run a spec VLR series there.

We have been testing the VLR here as well. You can also call RLV directly and literally talk to Rod Verlingere (the owner) during the week. I’ve done so several times, that’s how solid they are in backing their product.

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thank you for the advice i will give Rod from RLV & Mike from cal speed a Call