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The holidays are clearly upon us as we just found out the presents have arrived early! This may be some the best promotions we have ever seen when it comes to racing at the F-Series. As we are all very aware from ads and deals presented to us from retailers somehow the financial benefit is not always what it seems. That is not the case with this promotion we can promise if you do the math you will find out these are incredible deals!


2019 All in Gearup Season Pass

7 Races

6 Practice Days

13 Additional Mechanic Pit Passes

Plus a brand New Vortex Mini Rok



Attention Shifter Drivers

Are you ready for Gearup

7 Races

6 Practice Days

13 Additional Mechanic Pit Passes

Plus a Brand New Vortex Rok Shifter



State Championship Racers

New 100cc class

10 Races

10 Practice Days

Plus a Brand New Vortex VLR


Looking to make this a present we can make it happen!

Contact us at [email protected] or log in here.


Gearup F-Series: 2019 Season Pass Deals to Include Brand New Vortex Motors
(Aaron Hachmeister) #2

That’s… actually a really good deal. The $2,200 for ten races and practice days alone is a good deal, but they’re throwing in a VLR as well??? That’s practically a free motor with 10 races at a decent price. I can’t run it as I’m a fair distance away but that’s a very interesting marketing attempt.

Actually I should clarify, is the 10 races considered 10 race days or 10 full weekends?

(Dom Callan) #3

I am pretty sure that means all Sunday as opposed to Saturday practice too. I’ll ask Marco

Edit: it says 10 and 10 so I guess that means Saturday and Sunday…

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puts on admin hat

Moving this to Karting News, rather than General Karting, since this is more just promotional to people in a specific region, than general karting knowledge stuff.

(Dom Callan) #5

Paging Ryan Odi (how do you tag someone?).

I wonder what this means for the 125cc masters class.

(James McMahon) #6

It should work like Facebook, @ followed by username or real name.