Vortex RoK Shifter

Looking for some advise. I got a Vortex Rok Shifter Motor on trade and I would like to know what it is worth. Looks like a cool engine and would like to get it to someone who can enjoy it. Any help is greatly appreciated

Hi, someone must have an opinion on this? Help please?

Hey Dan. The RoK shifter package is about $3600 new. That includes the carb, pipe, exhaust etc.

Used I’m not sure, it would depend heavily on how fresh the internals are, but I would say $2500 ish if it’s been recently serviced.

Thank you very much for your input. I have the blocks and not the carb and exhaust. I had a small engine mechanic check it out and he said it was in really good shape

Probably $2000 max then. Unless you know how much time is on the parts in the engine it’s hard to fully asses it’s condition by looking at it. A full inspection would involve disassembling it and measuring everything, including splitting the crank and measuring the ovality of the rod, checking skirt clearance, squish and so on. Generally the RoK is very durable as shifter kart engine go however.

Just be sure it’s a RoK. I’ve seen older Vortex engines passed off as being RoKs when they are not. They are still fine engines but would not be eligible for RoK classes.

Post some pics up if you like.

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Thanks I appreciate the info. It looks like a really cool motor. I will post some pics. If someone is close to me and wants to inspect it they can

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If someone wants the engine please get in touch with me. I’ll make you a great deal since I don’t have a use for it, thanks Dan 208-717-1722. Will meet in person and would also do a trade