Vortex Shifter Vs KZ- dull clutch?

I’d like to hear your experience with both engines especially at the beginning of the race as far as using the clutch.

@pMak26 @tjkoyen @KartingIsLife - Know anyone who could help out?

Hi Andres. I’m not sure what the question is. Are you looking to compare a DVS against a KZ

I’m guessing the vortex shifter they use in the ROK cup vs a typical KZ.

One thing I would start with is all the KZ’s are different and have different properties so it will be difficult to compare one engine with a range of engines.

Engaging 1st and starting at the beggining of a race

Are you asking how to make a good start?

Yeah. That’s pretty good. Although my aim was to understand in terms of letting go thw clutch. Like the one in the video is kinda a Vortex type where you slowly let go. Whereas the KZ Is more abrupt

I used to let the clutch out a little to find the bite point, rev the engine (in my case KZ) to 12,000rpm, then release the clutch in a graduated fashion (i.e. not just letting go) at the same time as flooring it when the lights went out.

I’d also be riding the brake up until dropping the clutch because you will roll forward otherwise.

That was a Maxter KZ.

That video is from a KZ? The slip was more gradual because it’s geared at 18:21 or so with a top speed above 105mph.

I’m not sure what you mean when you talk about KZ and vortex differently. Maybe you mean the Rok shifter?

In any case, the principle is the same. Basically you want to be able to hold it wide open and slip the clutch in a way that keeps the motor around peak torque. Depending on your gearing that can be very abrupt, or gradual. 12k as mentioned by Nik is a good range to shoot for. But mostly it’s about feel and practice.

Hope this helps.