Watching karting videos over the fall/winter season

While I’m doing my usual ‘watching karting videos over the fall/winter season’, Youtube binging, I came across this Youtube Channel, which I think I’ve probably posted about before.

It’s nice to see more ‘new kart driver’ reaction videos, which can be used to get more new people interested in the sport, in a way they can relate to.

Anyway, since I made this thread, what kind of karting videos do you watch during the off-season?

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These days I enjoy watching these kart VLOGs

Brent Kadler:

The Stahls:

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Ice Karting vids. Every one I can find :joy:

Brent is local to me so I tend to end up on his videos. Ill probably watch them 50 more times each this winter. I also watch the illegal alien videos, and of course I watch the international and super 1 recaps on youtube.

not kart but racing…
I like watching these dudes

They have kart too. Safety be damned!

Aha. One of our racers from the f-series is now working for an organization involved in sprint oval crazy racing. They put out amazing videos.


These guys are a bit special. Dunno where they find the courage to face such risk.


Open-wheel dirt is one of the most exciting forms of racing in my opinion. Loudpedal does a great job on their videos.

I grew up going to the local dirt track to watch midget racing. Didn’t miss a race from the time I was 2 months old until I was about 11. So while Indycars, F1 and “Euro-centric” forms of racing are my main preference these days, I still have a special place in my heart for slinging mud.

Watching midget or non-wing sprint qualifying runs on a tacky track is still one of my favorite memories of racing. Just flat out, hanging the tank out feet from the wall with the 4-cylinder screaming, mud flying everywhere… So awesome. Always wanted to drive one.


Let’s go race one. :checkered_flag::joy:

Edit: a grandpa (v fast) and his grandson showed up this weekend. The young man does sprint micro dirt oval in MD.

It exists in the NE! Theres dirt semi locally.

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I’m really enjoying Jimmy Broadbent and Super GTs Karting videos.

I have started doing my own videos, too. I’m pretty new to doing them, and they are aimed at people new to karting. But, you’re welcome to check them out :slight_smile:

This fella? I watched some of his vids after I went to DKC.

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A plug without a link is like a Kart without a pilot… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Also, the Robert Hovey channel is a goth kid, apparently. That or he has hair issues.

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Thanks Dom. Wasn’t sure if linking my channel was appropriate. Was just going to DM anyone that asked.

Yea, not sure about the Robert Hovey guy. Anyone with that name has to be a bit dodgy.

(Admin) As long as it’s karting related/racing related, in a thread like this, no problem. (Admin)

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