(Weekly) KartPulse Racer Videos Thread

Great racing. Nice work Derek!

Caleb is a great announcer when he knows everyone’s name and how to pronounce them. :joy:


Kart identifies as autocross.


nom nom nom… yummy cone!

How did you happen to land on a cone such that it’s between sidepod and driver? I’m guessing some Dukes of Hazzard type stuff went down. Err Derek not James. With James I’d expect this as standard behavior. Man is a heroic send machine.

as someone who also autocrosses their kart, i can relate to this haha. Hitting cones in a kart is never fun

judging by the dirt on his tires it looks like he may have had to go out of his way to grab that cone!

unfortunately I think you’re right!

I thought that was you!

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I did a practice session this friday with tires with more than fucking 170 laps. I enjoyed the ride btw, 2 months off really made the day funnier. I would aprecciate some tips! (and I know that the g-force graph is in wrong direction)

That’s a lot of laps! I’ll take a look.

Where is the track? Nice day for it!

One thought: the Gopro angle is too low. It’s sneaky but when we put helmet on, it kinda fits tilting forwards and the cam has to compensate.

I also carry a small Philips to crank down the post (just enough, not too much) so that the cam doesn’t ending leaning forwards over time.

The track is named “Velopark”, it’s in Brazil. It’s a very difficult track because the hard brake corners and long straights with shicanes, but it’s veeeeery fun and different comparing to others kart tracks. And yeah, I just noticed that the cam is to low after I arrived home, I told to my little brother set up in the right angle but idk if he understood the assignment :sweat_smile:


Share with lil’ bro:

So Gopro should be positioned for the worn position, obvs.

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I would have never lifted. Cone would still be dragging

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I sadly don’t drive shifter so I’m hesitant to give feedback. Like looks ok and you are using the rubber. How long have you been shifter-ing?

Since march, but I don’t drive it very often. I think I have 400 laps on shifter or something like that

I bet it’s a workout! Yeah looks to me you’ve got line going well. The smoothness will come with the laps. That’s what stands out a bit… it’s unpolished, which is to be expected. But in other important ways, on right track.

I wonder what some of our other shifter pals would offer in terms of finding rhythm. In general, we get quieter hands and karts as we progress. Shifting adds a level of complexity, no doubt.

Have you done other types of racing or Motorsport?

That looks just like kartkraft minus the kerb abuse. :grinning: Awesome stuff, Jake! It’s making me want to sim full amp in KZ!

If I had to pick The one thing the single-gear folks miss out on, as compared to KZ… it would be this turn.

I start motocross at 4, so speed sensation in a kart was not a problem for me. I also start karting august last year. I did less than 200 laps in a fireball 125cc of my dad before moving to my uncle shifter :smiley: :smiley:. I know this isn’t a lot of laps, but I feel very comfortable in a shifter kart and I do it for fun, so I don’t really have a reason to stress myself for results training in another kart. But obviously I am always trying to improve :slight_smile: .

Well looking good 400 laps in! Let’s see what it looks like again in a few months.

Don’t be afraid to let it rev before changing up gear. You’re changing a bit early.

Overall it’s a small thing, but just letting you know you can let it stretch its legs a bit more before you shift up provided the engine is in good shape. I’d say you could go another 500RPM on average. On the other end of the scale, resist the temptation to downshift too early.

Also watch out for your RPM drop in the turns, you probably already noticed it “falls off the pipe” if you scrub off too much speed.