(Weekly) KartPulse Racer Videos Thread

This engine can rev up with power till 14500rpm and I was shifting at barely 13000rpm. Let it rev more certain will give me 0.5 at minimum, but like I said, I was at bad tire condition and two months off. In the video I was more trying to not flying out of the kart than driving :joy::joy:, so yeah, lot of room to improve.

Talking about the low rpm at the corner, that was a difficulty in adapting that I have. In low grip conditions like in the video I was driving and shifting like I was with good tires, changing gears to do a corner at speed X, but really doing the corners in X - 10. You can see that in a part of the video I reduced 3 gears in a corner instead of 2 and I gained 3 tenths in just one corner. That surprise me cause I was just 2.5 sec off the top pace of the track.

Got to run down Gary Lawson and another racer trying to pull away from me! Not the most exciting race but some really fun racing!


Any time you get to run with Gary (let alone run him down), you are doing something right! Good work!

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I know that name, but not the details… someone please dish…

ekartingnews: Gary Lawson Departing Comet Kart Sales in Summer 2022

Very successful 206 driver/reputable engine builder. Definitely a legend to me!

There’s definitely people who know way more than me! He was building comets 206 engines and now runs his own under Lawsonspeedshop with some great results!

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Thanks! I see that now. Was he also a racer when younger in the pro scene?

The GOAT of 4 cycle racing. From the old Gold Cup days to 25 (maybe more?!?!) RIGP Rocks. Multiple CKNA Grand National wins. IMS wins. You name it, he has won it.

Also, the originator of the now world famous Arrow 4S chassis set-up.


Thanks! That is very cool!

Never “Pro” like there is now, but won his fair share of National 2 cycle races, street races, and everything else.

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Thanks for the proper explanation I knew he had some history!

Don’t let him take your Big Piston. That’s a special trophy.

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Hey Chase,

One thing I noticed from this video is the difference in corner entry vs corner exit speed. I know it is hard to compare an Eagle to an OTK, but everything you make up on those guys in corner entry, you lose on corner exit. Have you tried slow in fast out and get back to the gas sooner (again, I know tough to tune an OTK that way)?

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I won that trophy (and a few more :wink: ) on a 4S with his set-up.


I will definitely take that into consideration! I’m new the to OTK this year. Pretty close to baseline setup. I think I was a tooth lower than both drivers here but I do see it. Felt like I always kinda closing the gap up then losing it. Then catching them on the straight.

The infield is definitely where i feel the most I try to haul it in there so account for the lower gear…

You were definitely a tooth lower, but I like that. Gave you some opportunities to pass, just need to roll off a tad better. Also, Dylan owes you a coke and a cheesburger for that push at the end! Good Race!

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He did thank me :innocent: (20)

Although he is leading the championship


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Running it in hard is the opposite of what I want to do running a lower gear. Get in slower and get on it sooner to make up for the less pull. IMO


Thanks for tips. I’ll put into practice soon. Our last double header is coming up to close out the championship. Battling for 3rd right now

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That’s kind of a big deal. I would be interested in knowing the story of the season.

It has surely been just a long game! Got my first podiums ever this year with a 3rd and 2nd last weekend. Finished P6 last year with some mechanical DNFs. Got a brand new OTK this year with some super club support. Have just been trying to stay super consistent with my finishes. Rain races have hurt my points, struggled for pace in the rain but after CKNA I’m ready to go in the rain again. Always a top 5 kart in the dry but our club is usually 25+ in senior so it’s super super close. Just about anyone in the top 10 can win on any day. Definitely a little nerve wracking coming to the final two races.

We get two drops in our series so after drops I’m definitely going to fighting these last two races