Well this is big news for Ny/NJ/Pa rental racers

I don’t know if this means they are gonna be an SWS site, but this changes things around here, potentially.

NJMP may finally live up to its rental racing potential.

Maybe maybe maybe we got gx390 and can run tempest (full layout)? Pleeeeease!

Maybe time to sell Maggie the Margay and just rental race exclusively.

If they’re fleeting up with Sodi’s, SWS racing league is a no brainer.

Given that it was built for an intl pro event, I think, it’s ideal.

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SR5s I find quite understeery, I have to have the seat fully forward.

I have yet to encounter a rental kart I haven’t needed to slam seat as far forwards as possible, interestingly.

Rentals have an interesting quandary. They have to carry a lot of bodywork and protection etc because, well, rentals. The result is karts around 300lbs (without driver). So naturally that makes them pretty stuck\planted on the rear.

The kicker is that the caster angle and scrub radius has to stay low in order to keep the steering light enough for the everyday person to be able to manage.

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Do rental karts such as these have a solid live axle like race karts or are they one-wheel drive like a yard kart?

It’s a one piece axle

The diffs for rentals all seem to be on electrics.