What chain?

Hi all. I hope everyone is doing well.

I’ve been given a sunkart 618 for my kids, which is in quite good condition but missing the chain. Would anyone know which type of chain this wod take?


Hey andy, sounds like this might be an offroad type of kart? Can you share more details or pictures?

Two things you’ll need to know are the pitch and the length. You can figure out the pitch using this guide:


Thanks. This is the kart - SunKids - Large Rubber Wheel Black Go Kart (Red) - 4-9 Years - Kids Electric Cars

I’ll take a look and try to figure out the pitch and length

Just looking at that link and it says I need to measure between 2 rivits on the chain. I don’t have the old chain to check against. Any other ideas?

I was thinking measure centerpoint between teeth for that.

Have you had any luck with the vendor. This is a very different kart than we’re used to :laughing: