What chassis for an LO206 for 2020

I think the difference is the chassis pedigree. I think the convenience is the engine on the left. Why would you put it on the right? I think the Parolin/ nitro karts in 206 competition have proven they are very fast whether lefty or righty. The side the engine is on doesn’t matter, just makes them easier to work on.

Economies of scale, you can use the same jig and process as the other chassis you’re making.

Better resale value for customer because they have a chassis that can be used in a number of applications and classes vs a limited one.

Same robot makes them both. Same cost for each. Same parts for both, just a flip flopped chassis. 4 cycle chassis should have the engine on the left, so the ones with the engine on the right are limited in resale to the 2 cycle guys. There are fewer chassis with the engine on the left so resale/demand will be way higher for 4 cycle racers.

i have a VLR emerald 28 millmeter frame. Iam convinced they are a good kart for weight around 360 -370 for the 206 class iam trying to figure it out for 390 masters with extra weight 20 -30 lbs binds the kart up I have a softer axle for first test early next season to see if the problem gets better if that don’t help iam gonna sell it so if yur goin to race a masters class at 390 I would advise not buying a vlr emerald Kart

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Mr. Larry,
Thank you for that specific advice.

What did VLR recommend in terms of setup at masters weights? I’d be surprised if it can’t be made work, I’m almost certain Mike Smith ran one in masters a couple of times…

Do you know what teams run near NOLA? I tried looking on Google but I’m not getting any actual kart shop results.

If the karts you listed are what’s local to you, I would go with the MGM, VLR, or Birel, possibly a Tony Kart but those parts will be more expensive.

The biggest thing I have found is just getting good enough support and tuning help with the frames. When I ran DR, I stumbled onto a good setup every once in a while but we couldn’t make it consistent. The Merlin I ran this year we knew we had a fast setup for, I just couldn’t drive as well on it with my limited seat time.

Hi thanks for your comment the vlr looks great on the track in the lighter class as for masters I can say I was 1 of the 4 in the grands at new castle a month ago & no body made the top 25 outa 41 entries on the VLR If you have Mike Smiths # or contact info I like to talk with him before I decide to change to a different Kart for the 2020 season

No kart shops here currently. So over the phone / email support.

Gotcha. I would try something that other drivers are running then, just so that you might have spare parts and tuning support as you need it. The brands that I listed are the ones that I would feel confident running, but if you have something else you think would work and can get parts for then by all means go for it.

Right now I am soul searching on do I by a new chassis or not. Plenty to consider with non-karting things happening in life.

Spares are no problem. I have become fairly self reliant.

if u can afford new buy new 4 sale karts are usually good top racers only race kart for short period time then its on the used market

Good chassis for 206_ 2020 would be MGM, Comet Eagle ,or Margay I did not rate them 1 2 or 3 just named the Karts for what I see very competive 206 racing karts Just keep in mind a 206 racer don’t need the very expensive Itailian manufactured karts that are for the 2 stokes . My opinion as I see the results at the races