What do you think of my first race

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Lap 1: nice start! I like how you were patient and slotted right back in at 2.
Down back straight, entering 6… keep the first apex a bit tidier. You are a couple feet wide. Not hugely problematic but time is time.

Lap 2: you enter 1 and carry throttle to crest of downhill and then lift all the way down the hill. You lose speed here doing that. Pretty sure you can keep accelerating and do a harder brake right before turn in.

Rushed the entry to 6 a bit. Look at 2:00 how you get back on throttle after apex. It’s late, and that will cost you with the driver behind ya. You’ve got a kart on your tail since t1. Time to get very precise.

Lap 3: nice defense. Turn 6 grabbed both apexes but wide in the middle. Too fast in carried you out in a big round arc. Worked out ok but i think I’d have tried to get under you, here.

Oops, bounced of apex of final turn, sent a bit wide and here we go, challenge begins. Nice work hanging on through finish and first complex. Good job at 6. Lap 4 is pretty good!

Lap 5, surprise defense works out. You take a very narrow entry into 6 (defending?). It’s fine considering the blocking of the driver behind. It does slow you down a touch as it’s pretty narrow. She gets to catch you up on exit of final again.

Let’s pause to discuss keeping revs up.

These engines are struggling with the uphill after t2. It also struggles as you take the final turn (exit). I think you are being too conservative with your braking. I see a big lift and coast into 2 and into final turn. This is where you are getting gapped.

Carry more momentum down the hill into 2. Stay on gas a bit longer and don’t coast. Straight to brakes. Same with final turn but that one is a bit tricky. In KZ and x30 I do a partial throttle lift at turn in to 1, right back on BEFORE 1 apex, reduce throttle again slightly as I approach the crest, right back to full as I feel weight of kart settle onto track. Followed by immediate firm brake to rotate kart and power up and out (again BEFORE apex). It’s very quick. Lift, go, lift, go, brake, turn, go. With LO206 you don’t need to reduce throttle for 1 and the hill crest, most likely.

You drive really well, Oliver. I like your line. I’d love to see your inputs get a bit sharper. Braking and staying in throttle more/earlier.

That’s all you need for now. You’ve got a second there, I think, easy. You can win some races, here. Also, please be careful trying to get later and later brake in final turn. This isn’t a sim and it’s really easy to crash here. I have stuffed myself into that wall many times, as have you!

Epic couple of closing laps. The young lady who pipped ya would be good to chase a bit and see how she’s taking 2-3 and closing section. That was really nice driving and a good race.

Final thing, hard to tell if defending,… you started getting a bit creative with corners and narrowed entry a bunch. This hurt your speed down the line a bit. Pretty sure all you need to level up is better momentum in 2 and final.

thanks for the tips i was staying on the inside cuz the driver behind me is very aggressive in the prefinals she made 2 dangerus moves and spun me out one so i did not wanna give here any opertunitys

sorry about spelling im on mobile

Well good job! Well done. She deserved the win because she was patient as heck and took advantage of where you were weakest. But, I think you got this with a lil work.

Oh, yea to answer your question, “what did I think of your first race?”.

Epic. Reminds me of @Stacker first race. Both of you are gonna be quick! Very good driving, defending and being in the moment. Leading a race is not easy, particularly your first! Despite being constantly pressured you mostly kept it quiet and together.

So let me turn this question around, what did YOU think @olivier.p?

Wow that’s a great first race, did you have experience with arrive and drive or other kart racing?

I just posted up also looking for feedback on my first race. I am a total noob, no kart racing or even driving experience besides rental indoor karts.

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Links or it didn’t happen!:hugs:

Don’t want to hijack this thread but its good to read about others experiences. I know the field can also differ in different places, here in the PNW we seem to have a bunch of fast guys, 11 guys in our heat also which may or may not be small comparatively.

Here is my thread for anyone who wants to comment

ya she watied for the opportunity and took it but we later found out she had a illegal carborator

i did indoor karting for A year and i started outdoor 3 mounths ago

Nice, with the 3 months outdoor has it just been practicing? Run any laps with other people to help get up to pace?

mainly alone but i did a bit of racing with some f4 drivers

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Well I take it back then, she didn’t deserve it. I am guessing you got 1st after review?

they found out after the podium so i got the points and trophy

Well that’s good. Alls well that ends well.

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