What do you use to clean your kart?

That’s what I did. I’m ocd clean, also a avid detailer (more weekend warrior type). It’s held up good so far, I used some extra Cquartz Ceramic coating I had left over from a customers car, it applied as good as it does on normal car paint. It wouldn’t be viable to buy a $70 bottle just for that but if you have some left over (any type) it’s worth it. I didn’t compound or polish obviously as the paint is thin and it’s hard to get a pad around everything it’s also just plain not worth it.

Tub o Towels is where its at.

This for the nasty grimy bits, use whatever solution is safe for that component. Then just finish with air only or wipe clean.


What kind of simple green does everybody use? The regular APC or the degreaser?

@Richard_Jacques have you ever tried ZI-400 or equivalent wash on your karts? I’m currently trialing Envirosolv 8110304 as a degreaser.

Also does anybody know of a spray and walk away ceramic coating? I’m lazy and don’t want to have to apply and buff off every time it needs reapplying.

There really isn’t a spray and walk away ceramic coating I’m aware of but Ammo Reflex Pro Top coat is really good. I love to wash my car (at least 2 times a month). I love Their products (not sponsored) Larry (the owner) is a genuine guy and in my experience his stuff works. It isn’t cheap but it’s good stuff. He recently spent 3 years getting epa registered on his spray bacteria killer (restor). It’s quality stuff, the top coat is pretty rugged, I apply it on top of my coating every 3 or so months. It probably won’t last that long on a kart if you use brake cleaner or something harsh. Meguiars, gyeon, and a few others also make a spray coating that’s a little cheaper and may work fine.

Again I know I’m shouting out AMMO’s stuff but I’m not sponsored and have always felt like they treat me well.

I have and do yes, it does a great job except for the chain lub slinging. I tend to use WD40 and elbow grease for that but airplane cleaner (we use Turco something or other) works great for everything else.

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Gyeon Can Coat
CarPro Reload
CarPro Hydro2 / Hydro2 lite
Meguiars Ceramic Spray wax
Mothers CMX - not a fan of this one.

While none of these are proper coatings they contain similar content and will last longer than most any traditional wax or sealant from 5-10 years ago.

I think the best bang for the buck, esp for karting is Bead maker…it’s simple and effective and leaves behind a super slippery finish that’s makes things easy to clean up after they get dirty. It doesn’t have durability worth a darn but just use it every time you wipe the kart down and you’ll be good to go. I literally use this on my counter tops at home, as a drying agent every time I wash the cars, visor cleaner for the helmet…you name it, this stuff will make it shiny and good looking for a short period of time.


Have you tried this as a form of rain repellent for a visor?

Similar question, What do you do to keep your visor from fogging up on the inside?

My helmet has a to top scoop to push air down across the visor and openings around the mouth area to allow air flow, but when my visor is fully closed I still get some fogging.

To get around this, I usually just the leave the bottom of the visor cracked open slightly. I’m I just full of hot air or is this a common issue?

It’s a dream of mine to have such issues :joy:

Common issue. Molecule makes an Anti-Fog spray. Or rubbing a little dish soap sometimes eliminates fogging too. If it’s an issue, I keep my visor cracked open usually.

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Johnson&Johnson baby shampoo. Its litterallu what Astronauts use because if it gets in your eyes its no tears and works exceptionally well.

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Haha well that’s not quite why they use baby shampoo, they use it because it’s very effective.

You ever notice how it makes baby’s hair super soft? It’s because of the oils in it that adult products don’t have. After you rinse it off it leaves a micro thin film of those oils behind - that’s what stops the fogging.

Astronaut Stuff (not very pleasant iirc)

I tend to just use a shaving gel.

One day I might get a pinlock for the visor but till then…

Bell dual screen anti fog shields. Large reason they are the only brand I run. Impossible to fog unless you leave a helmet in the car and the heat melts the adhesive and dis one’s the layers.

I have a PPG chemical rain repellent treatment to do on a plane tomorrow. I’m thinking I’ll take my clear visor to work…….I mean not that I really need rain repellent on it, just for science you know :joy:

So, have you ever had cause to drive “in the wet” in UAE?

Only once in rentals and then only light rain, most things just close when it rains :roll_eyes:

After you clean with WD40 do you do another cleaning pad with something like Simple Green?

Do you worry about over spray getting on the brakes or on the ground?