What is this cadet kart worth?

So being that I bought both my kids new karts for X-Mas, I was thinking about selling my daughters cadet kart but my plan is to remove the Lo206 and engine mount and just sell it as a roller.

I paid $1,600 for it complete, and that was a killer deal when I got it. The kart is extremely clean with not a scratch on it (even the underside is stratch free). My issue I have no idea what year it is, all I know is its an Arrow kart.

What’s a fair price IYHO as a roller? I had a guy at my track ask me if I’d sell it, but I vapor locked when asked what I’d let it go for as I really have no clue on what its worth.

Nobody has an idea? (20 Characters)

Not sure sorry. Honestly same price as you bought it seems reasonable to me. +- $200

Even without the engine?

Might be worth seeing if you can find out what year it is.

Chassis that aren’t previous generation tend to never go below like 1600, at least what I’ve seen

I’d say $1000-1200 without engine.