What race computer are you using in 2021?

  • Alfano Pro
  • Alfano 6
  • MyChron 5/ 5S
  • MyChron 4
  • Other (please specify)

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Mychron Gold 3 is my data logger :joy:

A lot of folks have been moving to alfano in the various convos I have had. I wonder if that’s a supply issue.

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For me its obly mychron. Never liked the menu of alfano.

I played with the Alfano for a couple days this year and it seems nice, but mostly the same capabilities as the Mychron from what I could tell, and I’ve been a Mychron guy for years so I see no reason to switch for me.

The UI for the analysis on the Alfano is much nicer and more polished, but I don’t know if that’ll make me faster…

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its got an app and ive heard its much easier

@Bimodal_Rocket You are right. Alfano got their foot in the door when Mychron had supply issues. Now the momentum is rolling. Realistically, Alfano is not a whole lot better from a supply standpoint. We are limited in what we can get and sell out quickly.

@tjkoyen - Spot on Analysis, as usual. The Alfano 6 was very clearly modeled after the Mychron when it comes to capabilities. The 2 things it has that Mychron doesn’t is a customizable main screen and the User friendly App. If you are a lifetime Mychron guy and you already are set up to do your data analysis with it, then switching to Alfano is not for you. If you are a new guy who finds Mychron data hard to get/process or wants the “lighter” data analysis of a cell phone app, the Alfano will be perfect.

We sell a ton of Alfanos, but still love Mychrons, as well. You cannot beat Mychron’s customer service when it comes to repairs or warranty issues. Its really personal preference and availability. Right now, you can get a brand new Alfano 6 for $390 and play with it on your cell phone inbetween sessions. Thats what draws people in.

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I liked the app for the Alfano, really cool idea. I fully agree that if you are looking to switch from Mychron but you’re already used to working with the Mychron, it doesn’t make much sense to change. But if you’re just getting into data or learning it or buying your first device, you can take your pick as to which you prefer and both will work well.

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Being new to the sport, I was asking around and most I spoke to were in the process of switching from MyChron to Alfano. Not really understanding why, but figuring they knew better than me, I went with the Alfano 6. I didn’t think supply was their issue, I think it was more for the ability to share data in a “team” environment. Never used a myChron so I don’t know what I’m missing.

Ignorance is bliss :rofl:

I do like my Alfano 6 thou, battery life is AMAZING! And the app is pretty cool too.

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I went to the Alfano 6 a couple years ago and don’t plan on going back anytime soon. The interface and customizable race dash on the Alfano are very nice, but the battery is SO good compared to the Mychron.

The app is why I want to switch. I think bringing a computer for data at the club level is a little overkill. The app would just make it so much easier.

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I know mychron is working on a app as well. Anybody knows any ETA ?

I use mychron on all the karts. A few guys I regularly race with use alfano. But they are switching to mychron as more of us use mychron. Solo data is awesome. But when you can overlay all your friends/competitor data the potential to learn is so much more

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Years ago, almost 20 now I had a Mychron fail out of warranty. They fixed it and had back to me the same week. All at no charge. I have used them since both in karts and cars. I sure would like to see an app though. I hope they feel the pressure of Alfano

Do you ever swap MyChron’s between karts or is it just better to get one for each kart?

I’m the worst person to ask. I have to many mychrons. There is no harm swapping them around. But I’m lazy.

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Swapping is easy. You’d want rpm leads for each kart tho. That would be annoying to swap.

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