Where did YOU buy your first (new) kart?

  • Kart Dealer who is not solely associated with a specific racetrack
  • At a racetrack (that also sells karts) to take advantage of increased support
  • I never buy new karts, Dave Ramsey would be very upset
  • N/A- I’ll explain below . . .

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I meant to press racetrack/team

Facebook Marketplace (used kart)

First kart ever (used) was from a Kart Dealer not associated with a track.

BUT the first brand new kart I bought from a race team that was also support for the chassis I bought.

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The only “New” kart I have owned was my 2010/2011 Trackmagic/SKM prototype that was built for someone but it was never built/ran and sat until 2017 when I got it off him to run the 2018 season in OVKA 420.

How the kart came




Great kart ran 2018/2019 as a OVKA 420 kart with 19 wins and 5 top 3 finishes. I switched it over to a 206 in 2020 as I didn’t race (1/2 though season) did no setup and removed front brakes. I ran in the top 5 but some unfortunate events took me out (Chain/Spin my own fault) and won an event then won at MCC with some actual setup/testing for the 206 Masters. I am re-tooling the kart a bit and will run it in 2021 OVKA 206 Masters class and see how it does if I feel its letting me down at all I will replace it in 2022 with a new kart.

The first new kart I ever got was purchased by my parents for me back in winter of '06/'07. It was an Arrow AX-9 from Comet with a Parilla Leopard. Nice kart, and the feeling of a seeing a brand new kart (for me) was something I won’t ever forget, especially considering that my first ever kart was a something between junk and passable, but far from a top-level package.

The first brand new kart that I purchased entirely on my own probably wasn’t until winter of '11/'12. I sprung for a brand new DR S97 with a brand new Stock Honda CR125 from DDR. Sweet package, but as someone fresh out of college I quickly realized that spending that kind of money was probably not a good idea, lol…I used it for two local races and sold it within 6 months of buying.

These days I buy mostly barely used chassis. Helps give me peace of mind if I stuff it and bend the thing up :joy:


Craigslist (used kart). 80cc shifter $1500