Where Should I Race Next?

Apologies for being out of country, but for anyone interested in road circuits, you really should put The Bend (Grand Prix/International circuit) in South Australia on your bucket list. It’s Australia’s newest road circuit and cost circa US$100 million to deliver. It’s a stupendous drive. Racing through multiple sweeping turns at more than 150 km/h (93 mph plus) in a Stock Honda and having to hit the apex so one doesn’t run out of track on the exit (as I regrettably know from experience) is one hell of an experience. There’s a hotel above pit lane and some very expensive and stunning cars on display. Well worth a visit (about an hour’s drive east of Adelaide). A photo below of us running Superkarts in March at the first round of our Australian Championship.


@jd896 We went up to East Lansing from Toledo last weekend (we had to sneak into Michigan under cover of darkness :joy:) The Shootout was mentioned as an event we should come back up for. It might be worth reaching out to ELKT at their FB page or via messenger. That worked well for my son and I to get info before we headed up.

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It was good, but it really came down to who timed the draft for the end of the race. Or having an FR Rotax and just driving away from the X30s.

As cool as that would be, I’m definitely not in any place to beat up on the likes of Aden Rudolph or Alex Stanfield

If you hook me up with a kart, I’ll fly over there in a heartbeat :joy:

Especially when Aden would have complete home track advantage.

@jd896 if you ever make it to Kansas City Missouri I have a 206 I’d let you pilot.

2023 is looking pretty good schedule wise. Looking to to do some road racing and branch out to some more tracks around me

TNT kartway - Quincy Illinois
Gateway Kartplex - St. Louis
Mid-states kart club - Springfield Illinois
JRP speedway -Tulsa Oklahoma
OKC - Norman Oklahoma

All tracks within 3-5 hours of me

Planning on going to Texas a time or two and even some CKNA stuff, Quincy Grand Prix, Rock Island Grand Prix.

Locally we had a $400 to win sr 206 race, I expect next year to be even bigger with more entries

I’ll definitely let you know when I swing that way, I really appreciate it! I’m really tied up for the rest of this year, hope I can get to some more events next year

Couple of laps from #21 in Delaware on Saturday. Xtreme Zone was nice enough to let me use the Odenthal mount on their karts and I don’t think you get this angle from rental karts very often

Nice footage!! Yeah that’s the first time I’ve seen that angle in a rental!

Justin, if you get to the UK Buckmore park used to do arrive and drive. Not sure if they still do it as I don’t live there in the UK anymore. Buckmore is a fun track with elevation change.

I actually ended up going last February for Club 100. Badass circuit, great people.


Is there an ETA for this mission? Or is this is a “I’ll be done when I’m done” lifetime sort of mission?

Does your experience working as a race director for various series allow for travel opportunities getting you to new states?

Nice pass back in clip 2. The audacity! You even were nice and gave the guy on the inside a lot of room.

Hand gesture at end = chef’s kiss

Oh great glad you got to drive there! I grew up about 20 miles from Buckmore Park. I actually only drove there once in arrive and drive karts, my karting in the UK was all done on long circuits (250 gearbox karts). You are certainly living the life going to all of these tracks :+1:

As long as it’ll take, no rush.

I accrue flight miles with all the work I do, so it makes it easy for me to take a trip.

Gotta make the most of it, only one chance to make it count


So anyone on the fence for getting Justin to come to your track, do it. Seriously, plan on taking this young man to a good dinner, and enjoy what a great guy he is. Almost everyone at our club has adopted him. Thanks for sharing your wisdom Justin, don’t forget to visit your Montana Home again soon man!

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Completed #22 in Rhode Island, enjoy me barking at another driver because I screwed up an overtake. #23 coming up at CKNA South in two weeks

Hope to be able to some day soon :slight_smile: