Where to put weights rental karts

have I think 20lb and a 5lb weight added… have a choice to put in forward box (even with steering wheel or the one next farther back (even with my butt). is there a better choice or does it matter? am 235# running in 260# class

As a general rule with rentals, I find myself scooting seat as far forwards as possible. Generally I find putting weight over front end is helpful. I am a skinny guy, relative to most men my age, however.

I’d start by putting all the weight in front. Then put it all on back. Try both. Typically rentals understeer, but you may find that weight on back axle might be beficial for that particular kart.

If I had one chance to place weight I would put the 20 up front and the 5 in back.

Do you have to commit to the location? Otherwise try both of course. I’d probably throw it up front first since rentals tend to be “bound up” as Dom pointed out.