Who’s on your YouTube subscribe list?

(Dom Callan) #1

I’m always looking for more folks to watch… so let me know who posts race vids that you feel are worth watching.

Here’s my list:
(Races locally)
Adam Rylance
Scott Breyer
Will Salisbury
Raif Shah
Kart Smarter

Not local
Ryan Norberg
TJ (doesn’t post enough vids imho😜)
Kyle Apuzzo
Rod Clinard
Trenton Estep
Our very own Noah
True racer

I would be interested in getting some names of folks around the globe as well.

(Lee Swindell) #2

I reckon this guys’ tech videos are brilliant. Going to suggest he link to this site actually.

(Dom Callan) #3

Yep his vids are great!

(James McMahon) #4

Yeah I wish Col had done more. He has some really interesting insights on things.

(Lee Swindell) #5

So you guys already knew about him? Cool.

Have you had contact with him, or just know him thru his vids?

(Eric Gunderson) #6

We try to cover a few things around our area.

Power Republic
The Fab Forums
Loudpedal Productions (IMO the standard for media production in ‘grass-roots’ motorsport)
Dirt Collective
Stahl Racing @StahlRacing :smiley:

(Tinoda Pfidze) #7

TDi Media.
Plenty of British karting to go around, they have commentated some insane races and honestly half the time the commentary makes the race. Basically in each race/comp they cover both junior and senior classes of karting so you can get two really different races both on the same track which is always interesting. They also commentate some MotoGP races including the minibikes series which is 6+ which is always interesting to watch.

There is also ChainBearF1 and while it is a channel about Formula One there are some relevant concepts of racing in general, he has amazing breaking down and teaching methods and explains many concepts and if you’re a fan of F1 he has plenty to say about various mishaps and drama that happens within F1.

(Charles Stockton) #8

I love this video and want to follow him on his page. I can learn much from folks like him. Thanks for sharing​:sparkles::cowboy_hat_face:©:racing_car::dash::checkered_flag::clinking_glasses::champagne:

(Dom Callan) #9

Good lord that looks insanely fun. Since everyone is sliding around, it opens up a lot of opportunities to pass. Not sure I like how easy they flip but I guess that’s part of the attraction.

(Eric Gunderson) #10

And couple that with Loudpedals stunning videography and you get something truly amazing!

Sprint cars are on a whole other level of racing excitement imo. They do crash quite violently at times, and are one of the forms of Motorsport that is still legitimately quite dangerous, mainly due to gross negligence and stubbornness…and the fact that they weigh essentially nothing and are open wheel.

(Dom Callan) #11

Its almost comical how little time they spend on their front wheels. It’s butt steering perfected.