Why do in-thread videos start by themselves?

Hi folks! Am I doing something to cause this? Last couple days I’ve been watching some of the videos you guys post. I’ll read the comments, then watch the embedded video. The video ends, or, I stop it. I then scroll down to continue reading through the thread. At some point, the video (which is off screen by this point) starts playing again! without me doing anything! I have to scroll back up and hit PAUSE again. But it eventually happens again! What’s going on? Is there a keystroke or combination keystroke that starts the videos playing again? Sometimes, in threads with multiple vids, they’ll ALL start playing again! I have to EXIT the thread to get them to stop!

I haven’t experienced this myself. Two questions…

Has this always happened (if so when did it start)
What browser are you using.

I’m using Chrome. I only noticed it when I started watching some of the videos.
For instance, I open a thread that might have 3 or 4 vids in the thread. I watch one, finish or stop it, then scroll on down thru the thread, reading. All of a sudden, the video I’d watched previously starts replaying! It’s not even on screen! I just hear it start playing again, and I have to scroll up and hit Pause again. If I’ve watched 2 or 3 of the four, they’ll ALL start playing again! I have to scroll up, and Pause each one. I continue reading, and IT HAPPENS AGAIN! The only way to stop it is to exit the thread, then re-enter the thread, and NOT start any of the videos.

Wierd. I have taken to putting chapters and links that start at a certain time in vid. But, I don’t think that causes auto start.

Probably the browser / settings. I don’t experience this with firefox.

I use chrome as well and have not experienced this issue. Most of the videos posted are linked via youtube. Could be your youtube settings set to auto-repeat. Double check to make sure there is not some sort of loop setting checked.

Yeah I’m on Chrome (Windows) and Safari (iOS) and have not experienced this. Could it be something to do with a setting in your YouTube account as someone mentioned.

Did you get this figured out Rob?

Dunno if helps but when I post a vid, I have been putting in chapters:

00:00 video start
XX:XX race start

This seems to make the video start at the 2nd time stamp. Once you click it, it starts.

Thanks for asking! :grinning: But I haven’t experienced the issue the last few times I’ve been here…odd. It’s probably a YT setting as you have suggested. Thanks for the input, guys!