Wierd sound in turn

Hi. i was on training and i took on some really old front tires with no hole (you could see the wires almost) and i started hearing some weird noise in turning like a front bumper scraping but it was as high as i allways had it and i never had any problems. and i thaught that i was turning so mutch that it scraped but idk if that was the case here. can it be the tires, When i turn they had no grip and back tires are new so maby they were draged forward and causing the vibrations to sound like bumper scraping? any idaes. and some times in hard braking

Do you have another set of tires you could put on? Running on tires that are down to the cords is probably not a good idea and if they aren’t gripping whats the point of even running them?

Did you take a look underneath the kart?

Yah didnt look like something was scraping it is all normal

I’ve noticed if my tires wear down to a certain point eventually my front bumper will drag. Might be your issue as well.

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I’ve noticed if you put unserviceable things on your kart, it tends to make strange noises :grin:

Dead fronts and new rears you’re effectively resting a dragster, pushing the nose further down

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:sob::joy::sunglasses: i got some brand spanking new tires today imma set my pb tmr

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