WKA Trustee Board Meeting Jan 16th 2019

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WKA Trustee Board Meeting, Jan. 16, 2019


The following Trustees and Officers were present:

Officers Present:

  • Kevin Williams,

  • Mike Tetreault
    Chairman of the Board/ District 8

  • Bobby Gettys
    Vice President

  • Steve Jacobsen

  • Angelo Buffomante
    Treasurer/ District 9

Directors Present:

  • Eric Vause
    4 Cycle Director

Trustees Present:

  • Robby Harper
    District 2

  • John Klutz
    District 3

  • Randall Lyles
    District 5

  • George Sieracki
    District 7

  • Roger Hatcher
    District 10

Trustees/Directors/ Officers Absent:

  • Chris Kardashian
    District 1

  • Matt Bryant
    District 4

  • David Cole
    District 6

  • Dave Davies
    2 Cycle Director


  • Kelly Frazier

Chairman of the board, Mike Tetreault brings the meeting to order at 8:04pm.

R. Harper addressed the board on the need of having 3 of Face to Face meeting per year. He feels that there is not a need to hold three face to face meetings a year and that the board gets a lot of business done on the monthly conference calls. R. Harper advised the board, he would like to see it go back to how t used to be to 1 face to face meeting per year, in order to save WKA money on expenses that these meetings place on WKA. After some discussion, board was in agreement and will take the proper steps needed by the bylaws of WKA to get this changed.

Motion made by R. Harper to amend the code of regulations, Article 7, Section 3 to only require a
minimum of one face to face meeting per year. Seconded by M. Tetreault
Vote: J. Klutz- yes, R. Lyles- yes, G. Sieracki- yes, A. Buffomante- yes, M. Tetreault- yes,
R. Hatcher- yes, R. Harper-yes
Motion passes: unanimously

The office will prepare a change of code vote for the general membership

K. Williams addressed the board on Daytona Kartweek. The kart counts across each event, were up this year. President Williams feels that overall it was a great event. There are somethings that we need to continue to improve on for Daytona and moving forward with our other programs and WKA will begin looking at those and addresses those immediately for the 2019 season.

M. Tetreault asked the board to review and discuss the kart weight for IAME Jr in Manufacturers Cup series, WKA currently has the minimum weight listed at 320 lbs. M. Tetreault feels that the minimum weight should be 330 lbs to keep in line with the industry. This has been discussed with the ManCup Competition Committee and they are in agreement that the weight for IAME Jr should be 330 lbs. After some discussion a motion was made by G. Sieracki to increase Man Cup IAME Jr class minimum weight from 320 lbs to 330lbs. Seconded by M. Tetreault

Vote: J. Klutz- yes, R. Lyles- yes, G. Sieracki- yes R. Hatcher- yes, A. Buffomante- yes,
M. Tetreault- yes, R.Harper-yes
Motion passes: unanimously

Tire warmers was the next topic of discussion among the board. This topic has presented itself recently with the cool mornings at some of our last events. Currently WKA has no official rule in place regarding tire warmers. There is some written documentation provided in supplemental handouts at the Man Cup events, regarding tire warmers, but no official rule in the Tech Manual. After some discussion among the board, R. Harper made the motion to Not allow in Manufactures Cup and Road Racing events. Tires must be ambient temperature when entering the track. Seconded by G. Sieracki

Vote: M. Tetreault- yes, R. Harper-yes, J. Klutz- yes, R. Lyles- yes, R. Hatcher- yes, G. Sieracki- yes,
A. Buffomante- yes
Motion passes: unanimously

President Williams addressed the board on a situation that presented itself at Daytona Kart Week
regarding the Push Back Bumper Fairing Penalty Appeal- rule 208.25. Currently when a competitor
appeals a push back bumper fairing penalty that was accessed it falls under the fees of rule # 110.2. He asked the board if WKA would like to potentially add a separate fee to this appeal process. After a brief discussion, no motion was made and the item was tabled until the next call.

Motion made by R. Harper, seconded by G. Sieracki, vote was unanimous, to table the following agenda Items to the next call, due to the person requesting discussion of these items is unable to make the call and present his items:

  1. Motorbikes, bicycles, scooters, golf-carts, etc, in the pits at WKA Events. Really a discussion
    around kids riding around. – C.Kardashian
  2. Driver Substitutions – C.Kardashian
  3. Motul/Redline Oil – C.Kardashian

Next conference call: Feb. 6th, 2019- 8pm EST

8:42pm: Motion made by R. Harper to adjourn the meeting
Seconded by A. Buffomante