Wow, harsh reaction

So, there’s that video going around of the guy that wrecked in I think the S2 final and got pretty hurt. He’s going around saying that it was a blatant wreck and the other driver should be banned from competition. I saw the video, and didn’t see any truly intentional movements from the guy, so I said my opinion; That perhaps he didn’t see him and was just driving how he does. I threw in maybe he was setting up for a corner, partially playing Devil’s Advocate because the claims were absurd at some levels. There comes this big long group of people raining down on me about how because I’m (relatively) underbudget and haven’t run SKUSA I clearly don’t know anything. I don’t really care about their opinions, and it ended with me getting blocked by the original poster, but I’d like to hear what you guys think of the incident. Personally, I’d say it was a poorly decided block, which is illegal, but not him trying to wreck another driver because, lets be honest, I know of two incidents where someone was purposely wrecked and neither of them were in karting.

I was wondering when that video might end up on here in some way… Sucks that you had that experience, but that’s the mindset that otherwise reasonable people switch to on social media.

Declension masquerading as “discussion” on Facebook like that is one of the reasons we started these forums. We wanted to build a place where narrative is reset with a focus on having constructive conversations and avoid the childish oneupmanship/ego driven retorts when someone disagrees. It’ll be interesting when we formally “launch” the forums to how people will conduct themselves.

The incident is cut and dry to me. Whether intentional or not, it was a bad move at a pretty nasty part of the track and there should be some action taken. Ideally if video is to be reviewed, it would need to be compared with the line from at least the previous lap. In any case it appears to be was a clear, aggressive uncalled for change of course on the main straight. Even if it was the result of a lapse of concentration or a brain fart, given the outcome and abruptness of the maneuver there should be some sort of action taken.

Problem is that those threads tend to a vent/rant space and a talking shop. Rarely anything comes from it directly. Because nobody actually steps up and takes ownership in some way, they come with opinions and ideas for other people to do. Sure SKUSA changed their stance on video evidence, but I think that was coming anyway.

I do disagree with your viewpoint on intentional actions, they do indeed happen unfortunately and with more frequency than anyone would like to see.

Happy Thanksgiving :slight_smile:

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As someone who’s been on the receiving end of maneuver exactly the same as that, it is cut and dry for me also.

That doesn’t make the response by karters out there acceptable. Retribution by putting the driver in hospital or hunting him down doesn’t hurt anyone.

However if I was SKUSA I would have banned the offending driver for a year regardless of how long after the race I saw the video. It would quickly put a stop to it.

Aaron, just so you know, they were about midway down the start finish straight and the next corner is a sweeping left, the line at that part of the track was down the right hand side of the straight. There is no reason other then blocking or overtaking to head left and certainly no point in doing it that violently. One of the videos continued to show the view from the driver behind and gives more of an impression about high violent the swipe left was.

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Yeah, it was a small clip and I took a quick look at it, I just hate saying that something like that would be done on purpose. I do agree a punishment is in order, as looking back on it it does seem out of place, definitely driving a line that shouldn’t have been taken. I saw that other video from the guy behind and didn’t realize where on the track they were since it cut out too quickly. Perhaps I haven’t raced where they’re that competitive yet, but like I said, I have seen two instances of driving to take someone out and to me I wouldn’t see any reason to do it there. However, I cannot see the video anymore so cannot look any further at it

Like I said to Nik, perhaps I haven’t competed enough to see it but even at the professional level I don’t see drivers taking each other out so it seemed strange to be. I have noticed that on these forums it’s a very friendly environment and appreciate that greatly. I’m waiting to see what SKUSA’s decision is, and how the others react.

Side note: I’m note sure about you guys, but the use of ban to me carries a different meaning than banned. I grew up playing hockey, where ban means never allowed back ever, and suspension means temporary exile. Just a difference I didn’t realize I was noticing until now, which did influence how I approached the topic. I was thinking a ban, meaning for life, was too harsh for that when they meant suspension for, say, a year.

Few things,

I agree with Nik and James. It was cut and dry, completely blatant. Unfortunately, at national level races the “swerve” move has become increasingly popular. I’ve been victim of it a few times. I once had a guy do the same thing into turn one, and then two corners later my spindle had snapped because he cracked it he hit me so hard.

The other thing you mentioned was maybe he was setting up for a corner, which isn’t the case because this is the middle of the straight. No corners to set up for.

Lifetime ban is probably too harsh, as it’s probably true he didn’t actually mean to wreck the guy and end up hurting him so badly. But a suspension of some kind is probably fair.

Once you’ve done some regional or national races (and this being the biggest race in the country and arguably the world), I think your eyes will be opened to the stupidity levels that some drivers can reach.

But the threats people were offering up on Facebook were equally stupid. Let the powers to be handle the incident, mob mentality ends up spiraling out of control.

Aaron, you’ve got to remember that for the most part they are not professional. I would guess that there are enough spoilt rich kids in this sort of race to create incidents like this all over the place.

I’m pretty sure the only professionals (using the dictionary definition) would be 4 or 5 drivers in the KZ class.

I’d be surprised if SKUSA do anything, there seems to be a push back on doing anything too long after a race. When in my opinion they should make a point of doing something.

And sorry I’m pretty sure most meant suspension, not ban.

Good to know then and have more explaination than “Oh it was so blatant look at how he did that” followed by “You don’t run SKUSA so shut it.” Anyways, I figured the setting up for a turn was a longshot but I put it in to see what happened. Like I said, I don’t have access to the video anymore but I’m sure if I looked at it again I’d be able to see it better now that you’ve explained it better to me. Thanks for actually being decent guys!

That is true, especially in the S2 class I could see most of these kids being just spoiled rich kids. I mean my friend introduced me to one that was racing S2 and as I started to talk to him that’s the vibe I got. Oh well, it happens, and I’m sure I’ll see more of it eventually as I run more races.

Also I realized that’s what they meant as I was typing my responses to you guys, which is why I threw it in there. I definitely agree a SKUSA suspension should be used in this situation.

I know one of the drivers that was there with the guy that got taken out, he confronted the other driver after the race and his reply was “what was I supposed to do let him passed” shows the guys attitude to almost killing someone to save a mid pack position that wasn’t even in the final.

Yeah I saw that too. It’s a very grey area statement but certainly doesn’t help his case. The disregard for another drivers safety after the crash is what gets me there

Honestly, I think it’s a ton of a mega-drama around a poor incident. Guy made a poor move, and should get a serious penalty like being unable to attend a future race. End of story. Granted, if SKUSA doesn’t have a penalty system in place for this sort of behavior, it should.

The rest of it, in my opinion. are just keyboard warriors venting over an outlet. That can easily spiral out of control because internet. :wink:

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What Davin said on his last post.

You know people feel safe on the interwebz, so they say whatever they want. The karting community however can be a really negative and angry environment.

Social media often FACILITATES aggressive interaction. On top of that, people don’t read every post and jump straight to conclusions. You’ll have to grow a THICK spine to deal with some folks in this community…

Disclaimer: I am not supporting the driver binning the other guy and putting him in the hospital. That was no bueno.


Davin made this a long time ago and I’ve been aching to use it


That’s what I love about this site. It’s very calm and respectful, y’all explained your thoughts on it and made me wiser as a result. Great job by everybody on here.


Yes!!! Internet-tough guy makes his first appearance.