X30 big oil leak

Hi. I went to check on my kart today after leaving it in the trailer for 3 days now and i saw oil in this are in a quite big amount. Why would this happen ?

Are you sure it’s oil? If so, probably gear oil.

Yeah its oil

Its yellow ish

That’s a pretty clean kart.

Well it can only be gear oil or fuel oil mix, to me it looks more like the latter. X30 holds what 40cc of gear oil and it’s relatively thick - it wouldn’t spread out as much as that whereas fuel oil mix def would

But it doesent smell fuel. Its smells rather nothing

Possibly just water?

Its too thick to be water and it doesent wash off easyly with water have to scrub a bit

To rest easy check the gear oil level and water level. If they’re ok I shouldn’t worry

Water i dont have in the rad the gear oil idk

Unscrew the fill to spill cap and see if the oil is up to the opening, if you can’t tell lift up the back of the kart to see does it come out. If it does all good, if not top it up

Clean the engine with some brake cleaner. Tape some blue paper towel on the gear oil openings and same where you suspect some leaks and let it sit over night.

The chassi is oily and the engine mount on the front is oily im gonna put a papper towel and see

Where are gear oil opening. It looks like it was leaking under the engine

Check this video… Explains a lot about the gear oil for X30…


Its leaking from the gap in the middle from gear cover and engine

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Thanks. Its a praga dragon evo

Also check this oil seal ring. Mine was defective, so it was leaking :

Im gonna tell my mechanic to do it with me. I have school and a bunch of exams so i have like 1 to 2 hr a day to work on the kart so prob gonna do it on friday with school ending at 12 o’clock