X30 bottom end rebuild

How many hours should an X30 roller bearing engine restricted do before needing a bottom end rebuild.
Also how many hours for unrestricted X30 with roller bearings.
When rebuilding the bottom end do I replace all the bearings in the crank case or just the ones for the crank shaft.
How do I remove the inner ring and washer from crankshaft so I can split it.
Do I also need to replace the inner ring and washer when replacing the main roller bearings.
Thanks in advance

25-30h on bottom end regardless of restrictions.

While you are at it replace every bearing there is👍🏻

To split the crank you will need an inner race removal tool like this. You have to build on for your self with the right measurements taken from the ring. Or you could use some heat to remove it. It isn’t pressed on as hard

Replace ring and washer with new since the ring and bearing is “pared” from what I’ve heard

Or cut it, but be very careful!

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If I use heat to remove it does that mean it is ok to warm it again to fit the new one?
I did see one of those tools Lucas being used on YouTube, it looks like it works really good especially if I need to install it hot again.
I was thinking that I might have to buy the Iame removal tool but it is rather expensive just to do my own engines to save money on rebuilds. It will be a lot cheaper to build my own.
Thanks guys


I tried the heating method using heating tip on the internal bearing sleeve but it didn’t work so I will try making the tool and hopefully that works, otherwise I might end up having to buy the correct Iame tool to remove the inner bearing shell.

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