X30 engine not good accelration

I have noticed that from this small straight the engine is not accelrating good. Its full throttle before the turn and full brake thean full gas on the small straight and it feels like its bad accelration like going to fat engine.

Need some more info…

When you say it’s not accelerating good, are you comparing it to….

A) The same kart/engine on that track previously


B) Others in the same class.


Are you turning left or right to go around the corners you’ve circled? If you’re turning right, are you catching the fuel line between your leg and the frame?

Same kart in same day after a run off on the grass😂

Omg thank you sooo mutch i didnt notice that im turning right sharp

So Charles, your advise is to run the fuel line in such a way that your legs don’t pinch the fuel line right?

Is the carb too rich? Are you carrying enough apex speed to keep it from bogging down? Is your gearing correct?

I couldn’t pinch my fuel line if I tried, never mind inadvertently.

I actually had this problem for multiple races on end back in 2007, and it ended up causing me to lose the championship since it took that long to figure out that it was my knee pinching the fuel line :sob:

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Its hard to have good apex speed in that corner beacise if you have you loose grip its a tricki one. I have 11 tooth front and 79 rear so its technicly correct.

Thats unfortunate​:dizzy_face: good that i have this amazing forum​:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::heart:

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