X30 Exhaust Braket?

So I installed my new X-30 engine onto my chassis minus the exhaust and wiring. Honestly coming from LO206, the excess parts was very intimidating and half the time I was staring at parts and pieces thinking “WTF is is?” So I sent it to my local (Birel Dealer Track) to finish the install.

I went to the local today thinking it was ready just to learn my engine kit was missing the exhaust mount and bracket.

So I was cruising around in other peoples pits looking at their set ups (95% Birel) and I could not fit a mount set up that mirrored my chassis (2017 TB Kart S55).

Now I know from experience that 99% of Tony Kart parts work on a TB. So I went to Comet Kart Sales and there were several different options.

Anyone know which one is the right one for me on older X-30 2 piece exhaust set up?


#1 or #2

Bottom one should work fine.