X30 going to fixed pipe?

(Alex Christie ) #1

The talk in our tent last weekend at supernats was that the X30 will be going to a fixed pipe. Does anyone have more color on this (when)? What do people think? At first take I’m a fan (one less variable). I could see how some might miss adjusting the flex. Some of the front runners in JR were running lower gears with lots of flex.

(TJ Koyen) #2

I’m all for it. One less thing to break or worry about.

(Eric Gunderson) #3

I too am for this. Makes a user friendly package even more user friendly.

Also, how about the guy caught for running a senior header on a junior :0

(TJ Koyen) #5

At SuperNats?! (20char)

(Eric Gunderson) #6

Yup my understanding is they pleaded ignorance. Didn’t go well.

(Christian Fox) #7

Yes, in the Junior LCQ. I knew a kid was DQ’d for an oversize header, but I thought it was a 26mm that had been (cough, ahem) “bluprinted” and went just over spec. Pretty sad if it was a full-on Senior header; at 320lbs with a Senior header he should have won by 10 seconds. I imagine the amount of cheating in the LCQ is pretty rampant. Plenty of guys take a shot when they are in the back and likely won’t reach tech. At Rotax Nationals this year I saw a kid who started in the back for the final passing 3 or 4 karts at a time on the straight at NJMP. It was hilarious; he could barely drive the thing anywhere else on the track. He was racing for a team that has been caught cheating a few times in high profile races.

As far as the fixed pipe goes, it is my understanding that it isn’t going to happen for 2019. I was told this by the same person who a month ago told me it was a done deal, so who really knows. It is getting late to make a fairly big change like that. They would have to have a lot of inventory on hand right now in order to facilitate the change.

I like the idea of it, it’s a much nicer pipe and a cleaner overall setup, but the lack of flex tuning will make differences between motors more obvious. You will have one less variable available to tune away a motor’s slight deficiency. The more “spec” a series gets means the better motors will just be even more better-er. In Europe, where they use the fixed pipe for Senior only at this point, you can still adjust the exhaust length via different sized gaskets behind the header. I was told that when we go to the fixed pipe here in the US, it will be one fixed size gasket only.