X30 masters cancelled For Supernats

X30 masters go bye-bye

I am guessing all the folks decided that ka100 makes more sense for older bones.

Any thotts? I’m sure there are some who are bummed but what’s the general take?

I know grids look large overall, but I imagine the fact you’re not racing actually in Vegas puts a few off the older guys. I know if I had the money to race this would put me off doing it. It’s just ‘another’ event now.

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Definitely a factor.

Masters is in an odd spot because it’s pretty well split between who wants to run KA and who wants to run X30.

I have raced both and was actually in the “no KA for Masters” camp when it was being discussed a couple of years ago. Now having run both, I prefer KA. The speed difference is really not that noticeable.

I am 58 and X30 on yellows was tough; I would struggle to finish the mains after 4 days of practice and racing. I might be in slightly better shape this year v last, but with a KA on MG Reds I have been able to push to the last lap every time I go out.

Additionally, the kart is a lot easier to work on without all the water accessories. And it may be more perception rather than fact but less seems to rattle loose as well.


As a 42 year old who recently switched to X-30 Masters, I can tell you an X-30 takes a toll on the body. Never been on a KA so I can’t speak to that side of the house, but I can’t imagine being in my 50, 60’s trying to weld that thing. Maybe if you’ve been doing it long enough you get used to it, but as someone who just stated in that class, it was an adjustment.

Yes you do. Even older guys, I did x30 in my late 40s and was fine. But then again I’m 165lbs now as opposed to my previous 210. It does require commitment to body stuff.

A year ago I was 240 lbs, today I’m 185 lbs. But with that said, my hips were killing me after my last session. But my seat is also alittle big for me now which doesn’t help.


Are you sure the seat isn’t a little tight in that area? Sometimes I’ve found that a seat will fit my ribs very nicely, but tight on the ole booty.

What I meant to say was that the driving the darn thing was such hard work it made me lose a ton of weight. Partially through the driving but also partially from some conditioning

Even being a skinny guy, I have issues with seats being too tight in the hips. Always best to size the hips accordingly, and then pad the rib area up to fit if needed.