X30 Radiator Bracket

So I’m finally getting around to pulling the 206 off my kart and installing the X30. The Power Republic yourtube channel on “How to installan X30 radiator” sugguested upgrading the radiator bracket to an adjustable version from Newline.

Is this really necessary, or are there other options out there? Did a search on the forum and didn’t find much.

Sorry if this is a stupid question, but I’m pretty naive to everything 2-Stoke.

If you already have a bracket run with whatever you have for now. Use tape to manage water temp if needed.

Not necessary at all.

Not necessary but I broke the stock mount twice, the mount on the chassis once and the tabs on the radiator 3 times, upgraded to full newline bracket + extra weight of the curtain and haven’t had a single problem although I don’t drive as much senior anymore