X30 senior exhaust spacer


I was recently made aware off that it`s not necessary requirement to use the 3mm alu spacer for the exhaust manifold, on new type exhaust for x30: Exhaust manifold fitting IAME X30 espacer on Offer - Buy Now on
At least where I come from (EU)

What is peoples opinion about this spacer, with or without ?? I have upgraded my x30 to the new “one piece” exhaust. But on the old one, there was also the tube to play with, that would changes how the torque was delievered, top speed etc.

Not required. Just the gasket.

Yes. But what difference does it make, to run without?

Actually looks like it does run with it, apologies my injun is away right now.

So running without it…….dunno. Try it and see :joy:

I was hoping someone in here , would know about the difference:-)

I guess you can run it with or without the spacer, just make sure you run the gasket to prevent any leakage. Exhaust is crucial for 2 stroke tuning, a leaking exhaust is a killer.

As for the spacer, it’s just what it says… spacing more length to your exhaust… the longer it is, the lower your power band moves. Shorter exhaust length is higher power band.

If someone can do some dyno pulls with and without the spacer we can have some data.

Uhh Stephen, you’ve got that backwards. Longer = lower power band, shorter higher powerband.

You’re correct. Thanks for pointing that out. I’ve edited my post. Thanks

Thanks guys. I think I have to try myself then. I was just hoping, someone had done a real world testing :slight_smile:
My mechanic told me, that I would gaine a little more torque in the middle band… And since our local track is a very technical track, with very little high speed, it would make sence to try.