Xtream Rock Island Grand Prix


(Roger Ruthhart) #1

ROCK ISLAND, Ill. – Prize packages continue to roll in for the 24th running of the Xtream Rock Island Grand Prix powered by Mediacom, the world’s largest karting street race, to be run through the city streets of Rock Island, Ill. Sept. 1-2. That is especially the case for the 19th running of the King of the Streets 125 Open Shifter race sponsored by LeCont Tires.

Among the awards recently announced are:

Margay Racing/Bridgestone will present a set of tires to any driver winning a race on Bridgestone tires. This includes the Ignite classes.

Other King of the Streets awards include:

TB Kart in Indianapolis will present a can of C12 to drivers with the fastest times in stock moto and KZ in the KOS Final.

Kartpulse.com is awarding $100 to the highest finishing stock moto kart in KOS.

Chi Town Karting will award $100 to the fifth place finisher and the highest finisher over age 30 in the KOS Final.

Rok Cup USA will provide a first place full entry and engine rental for Rok The Rio later this year. Second and third place finishers in King of the Streets will win an engine rental for the event.

Hoosier and MG tires are offering contingency prizes for the King of the Streets race.

Josh Lane will kick in an additional $500 in prize money to be split between first, second and third place if entries hit 30 in King of the Streets.

Indy Kart Werks /GP USA will pay $200 to the Hard Charger in KOS Final – the driver who gains the most positions during the race.

The RIGP thanks Josh Lane for his efforts in gathering prizes and promoting this year’s King of the Streets.

(James McMahon) #2

Thanks Roger. Have enough racers committed to stock moto, or is that still up in the air?

(James McMahon) #3

Note from Josh Lane on Facebook. He put in $500 of his own cash and a bunch of time to put together a very healthy prize package for King of the Streets.

I’d like to take a quick minute and thank everyone who came forward to do some awards/contingency, for the guys all trying to take a crack at the crown this year.

Not only did we have the purse from the RIGP group, but we had numerous others come forward .

Lecont tires sponsored the class.

We had Hoosier offer up $1000 if an individual won on a Hoosier tire and $500 to the highest placing driver on Hoosier. Thanks to Adam Batton and Hoosier tire.

The $500 went to Scott Barnes!

MG tires gave out $500 if the winner was on MG and a set of tires to 2nd and third.

Rory would take the cash, Austin 2nd.

ROK cup USA came in with a huge package worth thousands of dollars. The winner would receive a ticket to the ROK to Rio/engine rental, while 2nd and third would receive an engine rental.
Rory & Austin.

TB Kart Indy put out 2 cans of C12 fuel for the fastest stock Moto time and to the fastest KZ time.

Aaron Bromberek
Austin Wilkins

GP karts and Garrick Miller put out a hard charger award.
Pierce Baldus would scoop up the most positions gained.

CHI town Karting gave out $100 to 5th and the highest finisher above 30. Scott Skitchy Barnes

Kart pulse would do $100 to the highest finishing stock moto.

EKN for the great coverage all weekend.

All in all, many came together to make it a badass event!

If anyone is interested in helping make the 25th annual RIGP KOS race even better, get with me in the next 361 days! We had a lot of different shops/brands/competitors come together to make a run for this thing and everyone was out drinking and eating Sunday night. That’s what this is about!

Thanks again and see yuh next time!!!

(Liam Sergeant) #4

Sounds like a heck of an event! Is/was it well supported? Some of the categories didn’t seem to be picked up.

What type of circuit is it?

(James McMahon) #5

It’s a street race at Rock Island in Illinois. Here’s an on board from 2017.

IAME X30 was dropped due to lack of interest, but prettymuch all the other classes, 206 & yamaha KT100 did pretty well.

King of the Streets, the class that Josh Lane worked on had 28/29 entries.
I did it in 2012… definately a bucket list event. Nothing like hauling down a street towards a 90 degree bend at 90 in a 30 zone with 20 other crazies around you.