2023 chassis design changes?

Ackermann and steering rate can both achieve something similar, but shortening the fundamental dimensions of the kart is going to have a lot more impact and knock-on effects and change how the kart reacts from a base-level way.

I group it in with other changes that move the baseline setup of the kart, like axle, ride height, or seat position.

I agree with you.

It’s just that my intuition is telling me that changing the wheelbase will also throw all other adjustables out of whack (point of view being the kart is a spring). You might have to go back to baseline setup and start over. Too time consuming IMO.

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Exactly. But sometimes getting to a new baseline is what is required for extreme track conditions.

Sometimes you exhaust all your tuning options and need to find a new place to start from, so a change like rear ride height or wheelbase or axle can give you a new platform with more range to work off of.

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That is true. You do have a good point as always :+1:

This is exactly how I would describe differences in wheelbase.

As far as use cases, to me it seems like driver preference. I ran the standard wheelbase at NCMP, while other drivers under our tent seemed to prefer the longer wheelbase. Longer wheelbase seems more forgiving for those who are less precise with their hands (similar to ackerman in that regard), but for me it has more of an effect on the entire corner, while ackerman is more entry-mid.

Turn in on longer wheelbase would be earlier and more progressive? A touch? Would be interested in trying. Wonder if longer wheelbase would be useful on longer tracks.

It could definitely be useful on longer tracks, but part of my point was that I actually preferred the standard wheelbase at NCMP, which is a relatively long/fast track.

I would think of it in terms of how the wheelbase affects the kart’s responsiveness. Longer wheelbase is less responsive and slower rotation/lift. There may be applications where this is suited, but from a driving standpoint the ideal line is still the ideal line. So for example, if I’m driving a session with a wheelbase that is longer than preferred, I may actually need to be more aggressive with the wheel in order to get the kart to respond in the way I want it to. Does that make sense?

It’s a significant adjustment, but like many other adjustments, there isn’t a hard and fast rule that dictates you NEED to run a long wheelbase on a long track, and vice versa.


Factory Karts isn’t limited by FIA homologation, so the TaG and 4-Cycle chassis are new for '23 (some lucky customers got this new TaG chassis early)

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Still want to check these out, bummed I couldn’t make Vegas to see the operation. Hopefully someone shows up for the COTA race in Pheonix or Tucson with one!

Clayton, you should rent one for the January 14th 4-cycle race at Adams Motorsports Park in Riverside!

If I wasn’t traveling for work I would!

There is this weird thing called a “job”, it’s like people expect me to show up and work to earn money. Instead of just letting me go racing all the time!


Another weekend, then?

Anyone know if they’re making any magor changes to the OTK? Honestly thought the '21 model was better than the '22 because you just had to do SO MUCH to the '22 model to get it running well versus the '21 model.

They haven’t made a major change to OTK products since, maybe, late 2000s. Just changes to bodywork, floor trays, other little bits.

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They play quite a bit with the inbuilt caster between years

That and the engine side seat posts. Seems like they keep wanting the seat mounted further and further back so they change the bend in the small tube to allow more room.

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Yeah, absolutely more towards the rear nowadays :grin: On my Energy Eclipse kz I run 11cm from the axle to the back of the seat

There also has been some measurable differences in strength probably related to material alloy. There was a year when the chassis (2011?) had to be straightened out almost every race, at times between sessions and other years when the chassis (2020) would remain square for the entire year.

How do you determine the proper seat position with fixed seat posts?

Carl, there are a number of videos on seat installation, search under “kart seat installation” in YouTube.

Where to put the seat varies quite a bit and used for making big tuning changes to the chassis. Each chassis model has a starting point for the seat. Mind you this is only a starting point and further changes to seat position might be required. For the forum to help, the best place to start is with the year, brand, model, make and model of seat, your height and weight, what class you’ll be running.

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