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Handling problem? Looking for those last couple of tenths from your chassis or tires? Post here!

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The place for questions in how to get started in kart racing. Start a new topic and the friendly KartPulse community will get you going.

Driving, Data & Fitness.

Driving techniques, fitness and data analysis.

(Extra) Badass Karts: Vintage, laydown, superkarts

Stories and builds of karts that are extreme, unusual and wild.
Vintage, laydown, superkarts, UAS, outlaws… this is your home to show off the craft, skill and dedication that sometimes goes unnoticed these days.

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General Karting news, event updates, race results and press releases.

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Two stroke engine tech and discussion

4 Stroke Engine Help and Discussion

Thanks to Briggs Racing, for their support of our four stroke/four cycle kart forum category!

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KartPulse is a long-term project to build the ultimate internet hangout and resource for karting enthusiasts, while building the sport and raising it's profile along the way.

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Episodes and discussion about the KartPulse podcast.