What did you do to your kart today?

I have seen these topics on various car forums and they are kind of fun to just show off what you’re working on daily with your kart. I’m pretty sure we don’t have one…

I brought mine out to Badger Friday in the hopes to get some running in at the end of the day but there were nasty storms in the area and it started pouring literally as I started my engine to warm it up in the stand.

So today I spent a little time mounting my weights and my new GoPro arm. The guys at Badger are getting sick of me practicing with no weight :sweat_smile:

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Today i want to my local track was there from 10 to 15 and did 6 sessions. I got my best time this year and like an hour ago scraped my tires so i get better grip for the next test at thuesday

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I got black flagged twice yesterday. First one was from someone behind me hooking my rear bumper, ripping it completely off in turn one of the first lap. Then again in the final when my field fix didn’t take and the bumper began dragging on the ground. Pretty much every bolt hole is cracked so I need to replace it.

So today I’m taking some time off, I’ll clean and it wrench on it after the UPS guy drops off my replacement parts. :triumph:



Sometimes you’re the bug sometimes you are the windshield.

Sunday, Race day feature I had a kart spin in front of me and when I hit the guy my heal stop moved. I couldn’t figure out why my left heal was out of wack and I had trouble braking. In trying to figure it out I was distracted and dropped a wheel and went along for a ride into the barrier. Im sore and my kart is too.

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Not going to lie. Only time I looked at my kart today was around 8 am to get the gas can of Ethanol Free Pump Gas I use for the lawn mower, edger and blower (all 2 strokes - does that count?). It was 85 degrees already.

This was of course between the F1 race and the Indy race. It is June 10th and the DFW area is already in 100+ degrees with the index around 105. That’s Fahrenheit for those abroad. 8000+ steps later, I settled in for the Indy race. Then later got my daughter and I out of the house for a few hours at the local skating rink. Nice to get some exercise in the air conditioning :crazy_face:.

It has already broke the triple digits and we are barely into summer. August is going to be literally HELL!!! :fire:
(internal thoughts…suck it up old man, you could have it worse and be in the Middle East!!!) @Richard_Jacques

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Finally won a club day final in my Rotax Heavy class. Ran away by 4 seconds too. Started the day the hard way learning that dunlop wet tires certainly aren’t as soft as vega’s so ran 15 psi too low. Also probably the least enthusiastic I’ve ever been for a club day forgetting to charge my battery and transponder. How that turned around by the end of the day…


Recovering from covid and nothing better to do so I did a minor tear-down and cleaning. Had an axle bearing making some noise so pulled axle, pulled bearings, cleaned and re-greased them followed by regular post-race routing…cleaned chain, cleaned gears, cleaned clutch housing area, new carb kit, new plug, data analysis of last week’s weather and carb settings documented, rotated tires for practice time next week, bled master cylinder, cleaned everything else, etc.

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I got a new tst-439 (Clark synthesis gold) and mounted it to the rig! I bought a non working one off evay and returned for repairs. The magnets are pricey so they offered me 300 off new.

Couple weeks back but
I had the chassis checked on the bench. Then a fresh alignment/chassis double check with alignment tools.

I did this yesterday after a frame-up build:


My weekend sounded roughly the same as yours TJ. Saturday was nice, did some general running and then added my lead to the kart. Took it out for another 20 laps to see how it handled (Pretty well). Then we had plans in the evening so I quickly did some chain maintenance and left the track around 3.

Sunday was Race Day. Supposed to be my first race, got everything ready and left the city at 6am so I could drop the wife, and son, off at her mom’s place for the day and still make it to the track for 8am. Well, all was going well until I arrived at the track and checked my email… there was one from the club president stating that the rain wasn’t looking like it was going to let up and therefore the day’s race was cancelled… the email was sent 10 minutes before I arrived at the track. :rage: So I went to my storage container, lounged around a bit, watched the first few laps of the F1 race and then hopped back in the car to go meet up with my wife and son…. Another 40 minute drive back to them and then another hour drive back to the city.

Wasn’t a total loss, had some relaxing times hanging out with my family and the in-laws. Our karting season now has two weekends that are going to be double headers so we’re going to have a busy few months.

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I dreamt about owning a kart.
Felt like tinkering with something so I took apart my old rc car to finally figure out what was wrong with it. The answer was a lot.

I went in garage, moved the side pod up and down, wondered if it’s worth selling, walked out.

Maybe I should just have you fix my darn margay.

Help me with my latest topic that will be the thing i will do the whole night i need help im desperate😅

I said I figured out what was wrong, never said I fixed it😂

Nearly unbolted everything to give it a bath. Everything needed cleaned and a popped seat mount needs some paint after a weld repair.

Preparing for a frame swap. Just waiting on the new tubes.

We should compare piles of parts in the corners! Bent or broken old frame? Or just time for a new one?