2024 NASCAR Season Discussion

There, @KartingIsLife , I did the thing!

What does everyone think of the latest race and the chaotic finish that was Talladega?

I’m a Keselowski fan, and had ‘Nam / 09 flashbacks watching McDowell do his impression of a 2007 Dodge 1500 exiting late for an offramp in Houston on the last lap.

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I am a race fan of really just about anything. NASCAR like F1 can go from snooze fest to exciting really quickly. Superspeedways aren’t my favorite but they do produce excitement. The Talladega race was exciting for the last 20 or so laps. I was pulling for McDowell as he is a bit of an underdog and also a karter. While I can understand what he was trying to do the second block was not a great move and caused a lot of wrecked cars.

The only thing i love bout nascar. The fights. :rofl::rofl::rofl:

What track format is your favorite out of curiosity?

For me super speedway racing is endlessly fascinating, as it’s such a game of subtlety but then immense chaos, kinda like jenga with cars. Some say chess but I don’t know if I quite see the analogy aside from the mental aspect.

Regardless I thought this latest Talladega race was pretty boring, but you’ll have that sometimes. Sometimes they are great other times pretty tame.

McDowells move was desperate and almost worked, and ironically I think he essentially wrecked himself as he was mostly sideways by the time Brad finished him off…


Short track, dirt oval with sprint cars is my favorite. If we are talking NASCAR, short tracks and road courses, again mostly because there is always a race for position. Yes, there are races for position on superspeedways but there is so much out of the drivers control.


Man, I think McDowell is pretty underrated, but that was an awful block. If he didn’t lose the car on his own, he was getting turned by Keselowski anyway.

The Keselowski losing streak continues and it hurts me even more with two consecutive P2’s

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As a Kes fan at this point I expect nothing and I’m still disappointed lol.

I think the general consensus among drivers in the Cup series is that there are no “bad” drivers now currently, just some that are that little bit better than others.

Change the number on the side or the door and I could see most any driver throwing a block like McDowell did with similar results.

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oooooooohhhh boyyy !!! thank you eric . i was feeeling alone with my mellow yellow go kart and my nascar excitement over here … now we are talking …

those cars are going real fast and real left my son !!!


I only watch Xfinity to cheer on my buddy/helmet paint customer Sage Karam. I lost interest in NASCAR when there were no more Earnhardts in the series. My family was a big fan of Sr. and Jr.

Love Jr.’s podcast though. I aspire to be like him. Kind family man who races occasionally for fun and still kinda rips.


I love his podcast, although recently the format has been frustrating.

He’s definitely someone you can aspire to be.

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i really like daytona ! and the other one track with the curius big like sausage kerbs inside !

that was scary !! i reallly like baba wallace but i think its not his season this year .

thats a bump draft ? i think this is the expression for it …

I have watched NASCAR since 92. I have participated in their after race survey for several years. This year I have not watched one race. The beginning of the end for me was when they changed atlanta to run like a restrictoIr race. I already was skipping Taladega and Daytona. I also have stated in every survey (over 100) that the race length had to get shorter.

This is me. I hated Junior in his driving days due to silly favorite driver bias. However, listening to his podcast has really opened my eyes. His love for the sport (and the history of the sport), his family focus, and his desire to still rip some late models are all awesome things to me.


I watched NASCAR a lot in the early 90s, but since then generally just the road course venues like sears point, road america, and the glen. I really liked the quirky roval track as well.

What I don’t like are the broken up races and the playoff idea.


Playoff format and stage racing makes it unwatchable to me personally. Feels very convoluted and gimmicky. The final stage feels like a crash fest with everyone bunched up again.

I think in general the Cup races are just too long. Instead of making up the goofy stage format to keep everyone’s attention, just cut the races in half, have Goodyear develop a tire suitable for that length of race to keep strategy going, and send it. Keep it simple.


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The more you know

This is from 2 years ago…

What ?? I was believe that it was from last race …

Wait a minute . The last race was that with the big one in the finish line with the yelloow car right ???

Yes it is … i just check it
. It was before 2 year’s accident … i was in the nascar mind loop last night then … you are right