Best LO206 setup for LO206 asphalt racing on technical tracks

Hi guys, so I’m new to the LO206 class. I used to run X-30, but had to move to 206 because I simply couldn’t afford that class anymore. I need help with my tune. I’ll be racing in Florida for the most part. Mainly central and southern.

Run whatever idle it’s happy with on the day. Don’t overthink the setup too much at first, just run It and you’ll probably find it’s in ballpark.

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You should come run with us in Jacksonville Florida at 103rd street sports complex. we had over 100 entries last Saturday. About 90 of them are 206 racers. We have Senior lite, heavy and master classes.

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Here’s mine:

  • Idle screw all the way out. It obstructs the airflow in the carburetor. Essentially you set your idle with a little bit of throttle, and that can be adjusted with the throttle cable nut at the top of the carb.

  • Float height .872"

  • Float drop I never mess with, it drops where it drops :slight_smile:

  • Needle position 5 (richest)

  • Air screw 5 turns out (yes, I know)

  • Valve lash makes zero difference, but in theory the closer to 0 the better, so if you are setting them, just put them both at 2 and be done with it

  • I run a hilliard flame clutch with two black springs and two white springs, no weights

  • Make sure that the carburetor is aligned with the intake manifold, and as level as possible

Note that it won’t idle very well, but you don’t race at idle. I never adjust my carburetor with those settings, and its competitive all the time. I’m in senior at 360# weight.

Keep your clutch clean, and change the springs around once every three races. Keep the catch cans empty at all times. If any fluid in the catch can obstructs the carb overflow line you’ll end up getting worse carburetion. I change the oil every other race, or every few practice days (some change that stuff religiously, but its never really made much of a difference IMO). Keep your carburetor clean too. The holes in the jets are so tiny that even with a fuel filter, occasionally stuff can get stuck in the jets, so it’s good to keep a spare of each in sealed bags just in case you feel like you’ve had a drop in power. It doesnt happen often, but I had it happen to me and the power drop was fairly noticeable. Some people run fuel pump risers (I do, simply because my builder says so). In theory it should keep the fuel cooler which helps, but in reality I’m not sure if it really makes much of a difference. Keep your air filter clean too.

In 206, it’s especially important to stay on top of the cleaning and maintenance to maintain maximum power.

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Your going to get 10 different answers. Pick one. I personally recommend finding someone you trust and having it setup on a dyno. The gains may be small but they ate real and every bit counts in the Briggs classes.

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Senior Light for us is 340.

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