ISO: Old Iridium / Coated / Tinted Visors

Location: Anywhere
Price: Can arrange shipping

Details: Hey all! I want to test a couple cleaning products for visors, particularly coated ones (think Caracoat, aftermarket, or OEM). Ideally on Arai GP6 visors but open to any really, it’s more a proof of concept of the cleaners.

If you have a visor of any brand of helmet laying around that you don’t use anymore and want to get ride of (that may have a tint or iridium coating) let me know, will pay for shipping to have them come to us.


just thinking of options for you…would goggles work to test your product? I would think you would have an easier time finding those.

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Good luck with the search and cleaning product Eric. I do have a couple of it but shipping is crazy expensive since i live in different country.

Maybe! Yeah that’s a good suggestion assuming it’s the same coating process…

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