2024 Formula 1 Season Discussion


Boom! Since TJ posted the first thing (at least the first thing I saw) about 2024… new topic time!


I wonder if he is bringing some serious cash and being subsidized as the only American driver. Not going to hold 3 races a year in the states and not have an American involved.

Same how Yuki brings big money thru Honda.

He comes from money but I don’t know if it’s a huge check like Latifi was bringing. I think the American angle is far more lucrative.

I think Logan’s actual talent was overshadowed by mistakes and being up against a very hot Albon right now. There were instances where Logan was on pace with Albon through a weekend, but silly errors like track limits in quali meant he was always going to play catch-up. He certainly has been better than Latifi. I think he could be a decent mid-fielder after he wears in a bit.

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Yea I think we was decent. Other rookies just really shined like Lawson and Piastri.

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See, what did I say in the F1 2023 thread, it was just a matter of time before Logan got resigned🤷🏻‍♂️. I’m happy for him, glad he is getting that second year to hopefully get everything together. In the last half a dozen or so races he definitely improved but had some bad luck and stupid mistakes.
I think these rookies need more than a season to get up to speed to be honest especially these days as there is so little pre season and in season testing.
So what are everyone’s thoughts on Yuki? Me personally I think he has already had enough time to prove himself but he is not top tier therefore not in line for a Redbull senior team seat. Good enough for mid field maybe but time for him to find a seat elsewhere and bring in another Redbull academy driver to AT. After all I thought that’s what AT is for. Danny Ric in there makes no sense🤷🏻‍♂️

i was lance strolling down memeroy lane:

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A movie about Ferrari is coming

As we wait here’s a collage of some cool
F1 pics

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Pretty big news. Steiner out at Haas, Ayao Komatsu (former chief engineer) in as Team Principal. Guenther is very polarizing but I really liked him. Shame to see it come to an end after he busted his ass for the past 7 years to keep the team going. Lots of highs and lows under his purview but you can’t keep finishing last or close to it and keep your job. Will be interesting to see if this changes anything.

Also of note, Simone Resta (technical director) leaves the team too. Apparently quite a bit of disagreement on the direction of development for the car throughout the year. Resta wanted to keep pursuing the ‘bathtub’ side pod concept but Haas was lobbying to copy Red Bull’s concept (like the rest of the grid did).

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Respect to Guenther.
He was super entertaining and faced many challenges.

I was never a big fan of Steiner. He was a funny character but he had no redeeming characters as a team principal.

Between his treatment of Schumacher, the lack of progress and the lack of aspiration the team shows by hiring old, mediocre drivers like Magnussen and Hulkenberg, he was definitely the worst TP on the 2023 grid. Haas needs a team principal who can transform the team, like Vowles did in Williams.

I learned of him sorta though drive to survive and the Horner/Steiner? Interactions were entertaining.

I’m sure a lot of it is an act, but his personality was a good fit for the drama of the show.

No comment on his team leadership abilities because f1 makes no sense to me so I have no idea. I managed to come last in the f1 league, placing behind a guy that didn’t ever play. It’s mostly Albons fault though.

Nice trophies!

2024 McLaren livery. I like the colourway a lot but the sponsors kind of ruin it for me. The Chrome and OKX logos look completely out of place and the wheel discs are horrendous. Overall I like it though, far better than what they had last year. Still wish they left a bit of chrome on the car though, the Silverstone livery was beautiful.

I think this livery would look gorgeous on a kart.


I am very fond of the colorful wheels

The wheel covers are a perfect spot for the Chrome branding, I think it’s quite clever.

Livery isn’t much different than the last couple years, I like it.

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It’s just….so baaaad. I can’t find anything redeeming about it personally. I

It’s papaya orange and carbon, those are redeeming details I think.