Teesside Karting Onboard

An onboard of a track I often race at, also probably a class you haven’t seen before (Honda Prokart) that’s quite big in independent UK racing!

Feel free to ask questions about anything


So its a rental like engine in a pro level chassis? Thats new to me.

Not quite rental level as they make a considerable amount more power, and there’s even 2 of them on the kart!

Looks like those are what’s referred to as prokarts in the UK\Ireland. Twin Gx engines. Were popular in Ireland in the 90’s early naughties… Like grids of 50 drivers popular. They ran twin Gx160’s at that point, but it might have changed since…

About on par with a 206 I would say because what the prokart gains in power, it gives up in weight. With hard tires, very economical class

They come in rentals too… Or at least they did…

They’ve held said popularity suprisingly well even now holding grids of 30/40! My dad used to race them back in the 90s so I was introduced to them quite soon into my karting days.

As for if they’re on pace or comparable to a 206 I really couldn’t tell you, at a track like Rowrah a tillotson (which i’m guessing you have in america and other places) can be about 0.15 faster than a prokart. Rowrah is relatively tight so I’d rather go off of that than a faster track.

They also come in rentals, Biz Le Mans being the most popular prokart rental chassis. You can see the difference if you look at the British 24hr which takes place at teesside on the longer layout.

We run tuned up gx200s now as the 160s got to the point where they could cost £5000+ for a “good” or “big” motor (about $6500)

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Yea the 160’s were getting out of hand. Canada had a similar challenge with the costs going up for those too. Shame, prokarts are an excellent class and if you get bored you now have a chassis to bolt two engines on. Win Win.

For real! Doubt I ever will get bored though

They do similar at OKC. They have new kosmic race chassis with Honda gx390. They call it a “speedy kart” and have a league series (arrive and drive).

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