Any Weather Experts?

This is one for the weather nerds/experts.

In terms of predicting imminent rain fall what metrics do you use?

Would barometric pressure and relative humidty be good metrics to predict rainfall?

I use three different weather apps, look at the radar, check wind direction, and stare at the clouds and I’m still usually wrong. :sweat_smile:


Weather app radar, and look in the sky.


Usually, if I am concerned about rain I have been checking forecasts and weather radar. At the track, I have 2 separate radar sources I check. The location of our track doesn’t allow much for line of sight, so I rely on radar.

  • Look at the sky
  • Noticeable fall in temperature
  • Take a barometer and note a fall in pressure
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I use windy. It’s a sailing app, always found it to be accurate.


Do u mind to show me the logo of the app? Bcs theres couple of windy name app

Me on the grid with my slicks on watching it 100% definitely start to rain: “Its definitely going to be dry”

Me on the grid with my rain tires on watching the blackest cloud ever roll right past the track without dropping a single drop of rain: “I made the right call…”

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If you want it to rain, just schedule a race weekend.

I have gambled so many times and lost every one.

I have better odds at the blackjack table!

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In addition to everyone’s thoughts, I’d like to add “ask a local”. Often the weather comes from the same direction, or some kind of landmark goes into a cloud and the locals know that. I’ve been to tracks where a hill or a block of apartments goes in a cloud 30 minutes before rain.