Rotax max pick up resistance measurement in ohms?

Good morning .

Did enyone has checked the pick up sensor from the rotax max exept the simple test with the steel ball that is magnetized if the pick up is alive ??

Anyone has a correct ohm measurement or can measure a pick up and help us ??

Many thanks in advance !!!

measurements on our pick up coil is 100 ohms , i dont know the specs to see if we are correct on this one . but we diside to buy new ignition after market that is program able and replace the ignition in the first place . we have the ignition timing map so it is not that jhard to replace . but the pick up is a question also …

the funny thing is that the engine revs allright till 13.000 on the stand but not working correct under load on the road

Ours meassure 1.0 k ohms, but im not sure if its the correct way to test them.
If you are In doubt then change it, it could be that you need two gaskets behind it, they are quite sensitive

Bjorn thanks a lot for the help !

last evening we test it , with one and with 2 gaskets , nothing changes , the wall in the high revs is still there ,

now we are waiting for the new electric systems to arrive in house , and try with them .

its not from fuel as we make a lot of changes there and nothing really cures the bog in the high rev range …

I wouldnt put any gaskets, only the rubber. Proven on the stand that the gasket cost around 0,3 hp on average on the whole band

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only the rubber now and for us it works so much better dimitri . but im curius to see what will happen with the new adustuble maps ignition . i will keep write down the results

Sometimes it will cure misfires, have never heard about it doing anything bad for performance, and 0,3hp can be and meassurement error.

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Ok . New igntion , adjusted with the standart ignition timing for the max , by nick and george .

Seems to work great on stand . But the road test will show if we are all right at high revs now …

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My tuner was aware of it. We tested it on my both engines. Result was lower hp with gasket on. Didnt beleave first, but saw it on dyno.


tests with the new ignition shows an inprovement via all rpm band but the wall somewhere in 10.800 and throw leaner main jet 150 i think , til 11.100 is stil here .

the only thing that is unchanged in the electrical system is the pick up and the whole electric wiring loom . we will get those in the coming week and i will test again .

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Bummer! Famous racing quote about electrical issues…
“I wish the SOB would just burn to the ground, then at least we’d know what to fix.” :smiling_face_with_tear:
But, I know that the tenacious team Copperhead will hammer out the solution! :+1:

Can seests the pre EVO engine, try and put an additionel gasket under the pickup, and/or change the thing.

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good evening Bjorn ,

We tried with one and with 2 gaskets with the specs thicknesses as rotax writes for that retrofit .
But the wall was still there . And the engine was lost some of its crispness when we try them . The best result with this matter is it works much better only with the rubber one gasket on it .

it is not an electrical problem any more warren ! its an adventure !!!
Looking Clint Eastwood GIF by GritTV :sweat_smile:

as new findings we can see clear that rotax engine dont like the full free air filter from twin air , and it works much better with the arrow airbox in all band of rpms . we will try and with the original evo airbox before we choose with solution wil be the best , but it seems that the full free filter is a no no . Something is wrong also with the electical loom , the small black cable with is for the shifter engine dd2 must kept ungrounded . we are waiting for the new pick up an will head again to the copperhead roads for some test .


today we have tested with the new pick up coil and no the problem at 11.000 rpm is still there .

next phase we will clean again the carb with the new sonic bath tech gizmo stuff and we will install a new wiring loom that is made for the non evo engine to be sure that its not something from wiring ,

i will be back with any info .


ww tested again today with the new wiring loom and the problem was still there .
we have seen during test coz the engine was working better when the kart didnt goes towards the wind , and as extra check we put on the official and closed one rotax max air box .

Problem solved !!!
it was the more free air filters and boxes we have used after the sercive . rotax dont like at all enything alse exept his filter box …

fime tunig now but the engine works fine till 13.000 with big main jet .

it was the air box


I could trll you this before with the airbox, well known issue. As for the second mass clip. Its only for dd2s for ignition cut on shifting. Wont work when fitted on a normal engine

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