What do you use to clean your kart?

(Mateo I Perez) #1

Hey dumb question what are everyone using to clean karts the oil is bad and the simple green doesnt seem to get it all off I have a pressure washer but unsure if that to use as there are bearings and such on chassis. Sorry for all the dumb questions and been great learning and advice has been great! thanks in advance.

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(Tony Zambos) #2

Spray the kart with WD-40, wipe, spray with 409, wipe. You can substitute the 409 with Simple Green. Buy the WD-40 by the gallon can and fill smaller spray bottles.

(TJ Koyen) #3

Flush the bearings and cut the grease with starting fluid. Like Tony said, WD-40 to wipe off grease/dirt and a cleaning agent to wipe the WD-40 off.

(Mateo I Perez) #4

Starting fluid never would thought of that! Sweet thanks everyone for all the great guidance!

(TJ Koyen) #5

Brake cleaner is also good, but brake cleaner is harder on the powder coating than starting fluid.

(Jim Maier) #6

Umm, Race Jizz, anything else is uncivilized https://www.fastkartsupply.com/products/race-jizz

(Eric Gunderson) #7

I’ve seen folks use WD40…I still don’t understand why other than it being a cheap option.

For me:

Bodywork & Plastics: Simple Green to degrease, Greased Lightning (aqueous solution) to effectively clean, Maxima SC1 or Amsoil Miracle Wash to protect and shine

Bare Metals: WD40/Brakekleen/gasoline to clean, Wd40 to protect and shine but remove excess. Mating surfaces such as axle races will also use scotch brite where appropriate. Obviously don’t use WD40 on brake rotor…

Painted metals/chrome: Simple Green to clean, SC1 or Miracle Wash to protect.

Bearings/areas of rotation: nothing even comes close to tri-flow. Nothing. If you can avoid using it, go ahead, but realistically after a few months of run in even modern karts need some lubrications at joints.

Sure, you can go with WD40…it’ll attract more dirt yet again and damage plastics long term. Simple green alone is a dust attractant as well.

Pledge is a cheaper semi-acceptable alternative to SC1 for a spray and shine. Everyone I’ve shown SC1 or Miracle wash to has switched to it and never deviated, it’s obscenely awesome stuff.

Oh! And plexus is great for cleaning helmets.

(Mateo I Perez) #8

Man great write up will try that for sure!

(Bryan Williams ) #9

Wd 40 for the quick wipe downs. I’ll use a purple degreaser with a pressure washer when I remove motor and cover steering wheel. Then use compressed air to blow off and blow wd-40 into bearings and follow up with some tri-flow

(Dom Callan) #10

Wait, Pledge? The stuff you use in the washer?

(James McMahon) #11

I think Eric means the spray polish:


(Dom Callan) #12

Err that’s what I meant. It never occurred to me that it could be used as a cleaner.

(Eric Gunderson) #13

@Bimodal_Rocket not so much a cleaner but a budget finishing product or polish.

(Jordon Musser) #14

Remove engine every day of use

  1. clean engine with brake clean
  2. clean chassis with WD40
  3. body work with WD40 or simple green (etc)
  4. some sort of polish/sealer on bodywork (I use motul)
  5. plexus for helmet, shield. Every session.
  6. when my carbs are at my house, I disassemble and put in ultra sonic parts washer after each weekend.

For traveling at big races we completely disassembly chassis after the race weekend and put back in original box (yes, we take it that far apart) and then rebuild for next event. It ensures everything is clean and forces you to inspect for cracks, etc. (same reason we remove engine every night)