Kt100 on a top kart frame issue

It appears that you axle gear is not centered under the chain guard, but rather to the right of it. Maybe you have the wrong gear carrier or as John Leah stated, the bearing cassette is mount incorrectly.

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In my unprofessional opinion it’s your motor mount. Is it a 2 piece? Meaning you have the angled part that sits on the frame and a flat plate between that and the motor? There is a guy on a face book page selling some nice kt100 motor mounts cheap right now. Also you need to clean all that up. Looks gross.

Yea it is a 2 piece i know kart needs to be cleaned when clutch broke made a huge mess and was still helping my wife and boys rest of day at track so need to go through it all. Thanks

This is exactly what I ran on my old top kart https://cometkartsales.com/BMC-586-Burris-Third-Bearing-Support-and-Slider-Mount-International.html

The front engine mount clamp is not contacting the frame properly while the rear one is. Are the butterfly clamps the same?
Suggest you start over by first removing the engine from the chassis and clean things up. Check that engine is sitting square on the mount. Compare the two clamps to see if they are the same. Some mounts have two locations for the mounts to screw into. Make sure that you use the same screw hole location for both clamps.
Re-assemble the engine back on the chassis. Both mount clamps should be sitting between the rails as the rear one is now. With a straight edge against the axle gear, align it with the gear on the clutch or use a laser tool to align the gears.
Let us know how things turn out.

Well no problem with the cassette position so you can ignore my earlier post.

To add to what others have said you could move the sprocket to the other side ( inside )of the carrier and use countersunk screws to attach.

Also move the chain guard mounting brackets to the inside of the cassette

All to allow you to move the axle sprocket further in.

No chance that the clutch sprocket has ended up closer to the crankcase than it should be?

Things certainly look very close down there but with the present setup it would be the same on any kart.

there should also be a small spacer on the crank, behind the clutch / sprocket on the crank. They come in a couple different thickness depending on the clutch. I’d make sure you have the right on on there too.

I think it’s still more the mount than anything, it looks almost like 2 mounts put together which is weird. I’m pretty partial to the Odenthal mount, it’s a nice product: https://cometkartsales.com/Odenthal-Yamaha-Third-Bearing-Support-and-Slider-Mount.html

Yes it is probably not correct i just tossed back on chassis to get it home. Had motor off trying to figure out problem. It does have a little washer behind sprocket that matches the shape on one side to crankshaft. Was gonna try flat head bolts next thanks for that suggestion. Will also try moving guard that a great idea will give me more space. Let you guys know what happens and i promise will clean it! Hahahah

One last question where would i search fb for the guy selling motor mounts?

Plus 1 for Andy’s suggestion on an Odenthal mount. You can call Comet if you have questions. I’m not familiar with your current mount. Is the plate under the mounter reversible and if so would the mount be mounted in another location on the mount and be a little more outboard? Before searching for another mount, know the diameter of the chassis rails and the distance between center line to center line of the rails. Check out Sprint Kart Racing Classifieds & Tech on FB.

Should we ask about the clutch?

I don’t see the clutch being the issue. Can’t really mess that up. If he didn’t have the tiny spacer it would only me out of a line like a mm. Also I think the clutch would lock up from riding up crank.

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Ok cleaned up kart and engine installed new clutch with lil washer up against crank but the clutch will not disengage from crank so all spins as one. I looked at old l &t to find that the faces look similar but internally they differ. Not sure why they look different also one that was on kart had a different sprocket there is a casting that ran up crank arm to block and had a needle bearing in it the one i put on does not have this.

Remove the clutch and check the spacer. One side of the spacer is flat and the other is tapered. The tapered side goes onto the crank first. The flat side of the spacer goes against the clutch.
Another cause might be that the key in the crankshaft did not stay properly seated. As a test, you could reinstall the clutch without the spacer and key. The clutch should spin freely.

Sweet thanks will give that a shot thanks!

I reinstalled with out either the starter nut does not allow clutch to spin freely. 20181209_160404 20181209_160411 20181209_160441

The clutch on right was working but snapped driver off back my fault for lack of chain alignment but new one looks totally different1544400598548645329854745557998

I got it to work the guts broken clutch inside new clutch for some reason went on as it should worked perfectly. Sorry for all the mishap hahaha.

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