Docu-series about Roland Ratzenberger

Anyone live in this era? Here’s a documentary series from youtube.


Eps 1

Eps 2

Eps 3

Eps 4


thank you Kenny !
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I will check this out. Just FYI I raced karts at Brands Hatch in a mixed (televised) race weekend when Roland was racing in the F3000 event! 100,000 people there watching, I was famous for a couple of days :rofl: They all came to watch the F3000 event.


Today is marked 30 years since roland died. Eps 4 added


[quote=“Kenny Kartasasmita, post:1, topic:12207, username:kennkart”] anyone live in this era?

Yeah I was 13 when that weekend happened. Watched most of it on BBC which had no ads at the time.

There was just now a sky Sports doc about 30 mins long that is about Ratzenberger:

After watching this I’m super curious what he was working to change on his driving that year to improve in “slow” corners…


In the 4th episode that just dropped, they implied that that he was “too smooth”. Before F1 he was doing prototype endurance racing, where smooth (and kind to the car) is good, but perhaps the F1 cars of that era needed to be more aggressively rotated into turns (I would assume especially slow/tight turns)… or not. :grin:

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