A cost analysis of getting into karting


(Joseph Costanza) #21

I’m in the same boat as Chris at the local club level,

Used kart with new Briggs - $1600
2 sets of tires for the season - $400
Club dues - $100
Race fees - $35 x 15= $525
Gas - pump, live 5 miles from track hoping $100 for kart and truck for the season

I’m in at $2725 as a brand new racer, I already owned an acceptable helmet and race suit. It would probably be wise to budget an extra $500 for unforeseen things. It will be interesting to see how far above that I go this season. I will try to keep track and report back in a year

(Larry Pike) #22

Racing is expensive I raced 71-84 Karts was 500. Then komet engine 250 new then 250get set up so a comparison now days racing has change more expensive. I made less money then but Kart racing is goin to get higher with track insurance fees. & tire mfg gettin in the race. Spend yur money racing Hav fun yur friends are probably spending more tryin Hav fun :grin:

(James McMahon) #23

Track rental and so on have gone up a bit as competition with other sports for dates increased.
But in terms of the karts and parts etc, I know it feels more expensive these days, but when you account for inflation it hasn’t drifted as much

$500 in 1971 works out at about $3200 in 2018 money…
You can just about get a new complete ready to race kart for that these days.

VLR is a decent kart too.

(Chris Hinrichs) #24

It is very reasonable. We have a nice track but there are no facilities. It’s a concrete/asphalt track in a field behind some business.

The club leases the track for 3,000 a year from the land owner and is able to pass the savings on to the members.

(Bryan Hall) #25

It depends… on how good new equipment you want, and what engine.

Myself - I went cheap since it was my first year in karting and I just wanted to get a feel for it and have fun doing it without killing the bank. Here are most of my costs though the year. Note that the place I race is a 1.5 hour drive each way, and the mode of transport is an old small block C1500 pickup, so fuel ads up.

Kart - '08 GP Racing frame with 80cc Honda shifter engine with fresh top end - $1750
2 spare coils (after 1 failure) - $67
Spare clutch kit - $39
2 sets of metric front hubs - $110
4 alternate rear split hub gears - $110
1 new set of tires - $200
4 sets of takeoff tires (1 race with team from ebay) - $200
1 new set of wheels + 2 new wheels to convert from CRG to metric $230
AMB TranX 160 Transponder - modified to take 9V batteries - $125
Mychron 5 - $485
Fly360 4K camera - $200
Kart suit - $200
Helmet - $95
Misc nuts, nylon ties, etc - $20

Yearly club dues - includes unlimited practice time - $200
Race entry fees - $40 x 9 = $360
Race helper pit fees - $8 x 4 = $32
Gas (races plus a few practices, avg) - 13 gal x $2.40 x 13 = $405
Highway tolls - $2.55 each way x 2 x 13 = $66.30

That should be about it. So all-in about $4900. Certainly not cheap, but not horrible. The 1-1/2 hour drive each way with tolls does not help any.