Best place to race Kid Kart LO206 in the south

Currently running kid kart 206 at our local track Go Pro Motorplex, we have been having decent kart counts ranging from 6-10, with a mix of comer50 and 206,but wanting a little more competition for the little guy. What clubs in the region have a decent kart counts and are competitive? We ran the cupkarts event at Charlotte,and that was a good time and will continue to run with them throughout the season. Willing to travel, Ga,FL,OH, just curious what’s out there.

My wife and I were talking to your wife at the last race; why not just run cadet? From what I can tell, the rules say he can run cadet as long as he hits 7 by Dec 3rd. He seemed quick enough to be able to run with them, and he’d learn more from them than the Kid Karts.

I was thinking of moving him up towards the end of the summer, just wanted to get him a little more experience racing with more kids. We have a micro swift that I put on over Christmas break, and he loved the speed, but was off on lap times, to be expected pretty big speed difference. Most likely will stick with the 206 long term, and wanted to hit as many different tracks as we can this summer.

Jacksonville Florida at 103rd Street has decent kart counts.

I know Atlanta Motorsports Park offers a kid kart class, definitely recommend checking that out!

Definitely going there this summer,looks like a cool track for sure.

Atlanta Motorsports Park would be an option, however the kid karts there run the “C” track configuration instead of the full track which unfortunately skips most of the track. @Bimodal_Rocket has actually been hitting that track pretty hard on KartKraft and posting videos on another thread here, you should check out one of those to get an idea of what that would look like: KartKraft, Iracing and other sim Throwdown Season 2 - #2021 by Bimodal_Rocket

Lamar County Speedway is in Barnesville, GA and could be another good option and I know they offer a kid kart class. I don’t know what their kid kart counts usually look like, it would probably be worthwhile to ask on their Facebook page, GSKA racers seem pretty active there:

Motorsports Country Club of Cincinnati is a really nice track and might be within your search radius too. Their website doesn’t have a kid kart class listed for 2023, but they show kid kart results for 2022 - might be worth reaching out to them directly to see what the kid kart situation is over there:

Amp-C is indeed fun but it’s only 2 turns! What makes AMP special is the big dog track.

Thanks for the info. Been looking at running the Georgia state championship races between AMP and Lamar,
seen that the other night looks to be a fun series. Just wanting to get him on as many tracks as I can , while we have the time this summer, NO SCHOOL! Make a couple vacations out of it too.

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Road trip to Gopro!
That’s not massively far and is a major destination for racing. Would be a good one to learn.

@Bimodal_Rocket ^

If you’re not shy of south Florida, AMR Motorplex hosts kid kart race days on Saturdays, but it’s the Bambino only. Most of the 206 Cadet field is pretty new this year at Homestead and it’s a lighter field than GoPro, so if you feel like Riggins is up for the challenge, that wouldn’t be a bad place to put him in his first Cadet race.

You can also look at United Karting, based out of Baltimore airport (BWI), and Sandy Hook Speedway. United is a parking lot track and Sandy Hook is rather small, but both support 206 Kid Kart!

Lol. Yeah reading is fundamental.

Lol, I’ll look into all of those,thanks!

Maybe I bit North for for you. HRKC in Hampton Virginia.

I miss racing at Langley Speedway with HRKC. I ran a wing champ kart with them . We would race on Saturday nights when the cars ran

They still race the wing karts on Saturday night as part of the circle track racing. This year they have one wing kart race on a Wednesday. All the other karts race on either Friday evening or Sunday morning.

Karting the Coast seems to seeing more interest in both Kid Kart and Cadet here recently. we love to see the growth at the younger levels! We run in Biloxi, Mississippi and NOLA Motorsports Park, Come Join us.

HRKC now has Monday 1-4 reserved for kart practice at Langley. Several of the LO206 crowd are going to take advantage of the time slot next Monday.

Sunday there were 12 LO206 karts on the grid. There are two more karts that would normally show up but were at another event.