BestBlog: Developing and Refining a Chassis For The American Market

We did not. Didn’t have them in time for this weekend. Didn’t really need them I don’t think, the front end was working well. But for sure want to test that stuff still.

Here is the rubber build-up from this weekend. Lots of karts getting up on two wheels a bit, especially taller drivers. Certainly the grippiest I can remember Dousman ever being.


I remember it was there or Michiana back in 2002 it was like that. I remember someone asked me what my goal was for the final. I told them it was to finish right side up

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Wanted to note that I am compiling all the tuning knowledge into a little guide in the first post of this blog, so if you are looking for a quick guide you can reference that. It’ll evolve as we go. Should be receiving my stiffer stub axles and a couple other little odds and ends this week to test.

Little bit of an audible on the race schedule… we’ll be skipping Stars this weekend in Cinci. Some things came up and we feel it would be more beneficial to test on familiar ground. I’m going to go out to Dousman and run a bit and possibly race the club race Sunday if I can.

The factory is developing some long bulky magnesium hubs for the front end to help stiffen it up. Some of the Prodigy guys tested the long aluminum front hubs and felt they still were too soft.


It’ll be TJ vs the teenagers this Sunday! Probably not that much different than the regional/national stuff though. It’s heat racing, so elbows up!

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If I win, I get a 12-pack of my preferred beer. If one of the kids wins, I’ll buy 'em a Fortnite gift card.